False joy for a couple who thought they had won

False joy for a couple who thought they had won the lottery

A British couple was too quick to celebrate winning the EuroMillions before realizing that payment for the ticket in question had failed.

Rachel Kennedy, 19, and Liam McCrohan, 21, had been playing the same numbers for five weeks when they were finally fired.

The two Hertfordshire young adults thought they had won £182m (nearly CAD$300m) and ended up winning nothing as their ticket was not valid. In fact, the young woman had programmed her account to automatically buy her tickets with the usual numbers every week, but due to lack of funds, the payment did not go through that week.

“I was on cloud nine and thought I’d won, but when I found out I hadn’t, Liam was more frustrated than I was,” the woman said in an interview with British media The Sun.

“I had already imagined our dream house and our dream car. I think I got carried away to be honest,” added her husband.