Factions, gang leaders and bullying: what happens to Amici

Factions, gang leaders and bullying: what happens to Amici

Maria De Filippi takes on Wax and the boys guilty of the New Year’s ‘serious events’. But there is also heavy air in the house: very harsh accusations

Posted on: January 18, 2023 07:50:00friends 22

Source: Mediaset Infinity

after one refusal collective on the “nutmeg gate“New theories are spreading among Amici fans: One could have happened on New Year’s Eve joke gone wrong? It will be about an episode of bullying among the students? In the meantime a first comparisonand things don’t bode well at all.

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Mary’s anger

In the last aired episode the host of the talent showMaria De Filippi, exhibited in the studio the serious events that took place during the new years evethe with 6 students. It was never officially stated what happened, this must be stated. fact is that the moderator, in agreement with professors and production, after watching a few videos, He decided to punish the wrongdoers appropriately. afterKO by Tommy by Rudy, later she was then also eliminated by direct challenge with Cricca ValeriaBring the former back into play. However, the most interesting thing is that during Arisa explained to her student Wax why he challenged him, the latter He turned his back on him and disrespected his teacher. However, De Filippi didn’t appreciate the gesture at all, going so far as to exclaim: “Wax don’t turn your back on people who are talking to youis education. I’m starting to hate the rudeness more. You were the leader of the Cog***ni“.

comparison in the house

If wax opinions were so harsh in the studio perhaps even worse was the first confrontation in the house between the “Innocent” and “Rebel” students, which does not produce unflattering opinions about the boy. Ramón, Megan and Gianmarco they did Spokesperson for the thinking of the group of students who did not suffer the punishment for what happened on New Year’s Eve: everyone agreed on that Wax would be responsible for a general malaise in the house, and accused him of acting like a boss at best, especially towards some of them. The boy, feeling offended, limited himself to simply saying: “I want to be alone‘ however, in an attempt to calm the mood and calm things down, Ramon slapped him, saying, ‘This is not the time for this play the victim”, supported by Angelina, who did not appreciate Wax’s behavior. Aaron Yes and then unbalancedmaybe because directly more involved, said: “He started beheading a little too muchalways gave orders. In my opinion, he didn’t understand anything, he won the challenge and returned to what he was before.” According to some, however, not only Wax was involved in the events that took place on New Year’s Eve the remaining 5 boys (now 4 due to the two eliminations) They would pledge support and loyalty to each other to support each other and face the charges that would be brought against them.

Bullying theories raining down on social media

As I said, the idea that the guys were inhaling nutmeg was brushed aside by the internet for now, but the spice would still be somehow the protagonist of what happened at the beginning of the year. Indeed, among the most accepted theories would be that The six boys merged in one or more episodes of bullyingof which Nutmeg might be the tool. Among the students who, based on what was said in the house comparison, could have been their victims they would find out Aaron, Samuel and Angelina. The girl in particular would have been the victim of unfriendly comments from the “boss” in the past waxthan by watching the streaming games on Spotify he would say about Angelinabroken ass****“. In short, the truth has not yet been officially revealed, but Social theories are widespread.

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