Fábio Porchat’s ex, Nataly Mega, is filing with the comedian after the actress was named his new girlfriend

Producer Nataly Mega, Fábio Porchat’s exwife, has cleaned up her Instagram profile. After actress and screenwriter Priscila Castello Branco became the comedian’s new girlfriend, Nataly took the photo she had on the social network pinned with her ex and deleted recent records with him.

Videos and photos from the 5th wedding anniversary party with Porchat have been removed from Nataly’s profile. However, she retained the post with the statement she made when announcing the end of her relationship with the comedian.

The actress and screenwriter becomes Fabio Porchat’s new girlfriend

Fabio Porchat and Nataly Mega Fábio Porchat and Nataly Mega Photo: Playback/Instagram

Porchat and Nataly’s split came to light last week when Fábio shared a text saying his relationship with his exwife had ended. Together for 8 years, the two got married in 2017 and celebrated their 5th wedding anniversary with a party at the end of 2022.

It turns out that their relationship was already in crisis at this point. Porchat and Nataly came to the conclusion that they had very different goals in life. She wanted children, he didn’t. After that, the excouple gradually separated.

Fabio Porchat and his wife Nataly mega: claim for paternity Fabio Porchat and his wife Nataly Mega: Claims for paternity Photo: Reproduction/ Instagram

A week later, news of Fábio’s involvement with Priscila began to come out. The two met while participating in the reality show “Futuro ExPorta”. The selection, shown on the Porta dos Fundos YouTube channel in 2021, was set to reveal a new comedian. Priscila was sixth.

Priscila has been named Fábio Porchat’s new girlfriend by Notícias da TV, which published a photo of the new couple on a cruise through Antarctica. Wanted by EXTRA, artist’s advisor said he had “nothing to declare”.

Fabio Porchat and Priscila Castello Branco Fábio Porchat and Priscila Castello Branco Photo: Reproduction/ Instagram