Fabio Assuncao celebrates his sons career and says Work without

Fabio Assunção celebrates his son’s career and says: ‘Work without guilt’

Fabio Assunção is delighted that his eldest son João, 19, is following in his footsteps in his artistic career. The 50yearold actor who has now appeared in Desalma, a Globoplay series said in an interview with Patrícia Kogut’s column that he avoids reflecting on the moments of raising his children. Besides João, he is also the father of Ella Felipa, 11, and Alana, 1.

“I don’t work with guilt. I think everything was a hit. I did everything because I thought it had to be done. I was the best father I could be to João and then to Ella. And today I am I’m the best dad I can for Alana. I don’t keep thinking about what’s been missing,” he said.

“We always bring wonderful points to our relationship. I leave my limits when I think about the political situation in Brazil today. Then I get nervous. A lot. But in terms of personal life and the kids, we always do our best.”

The eldest son started acting when he was 11 years old. “João has been present at least once on the sets of all my work. The only exception was ‘Desalma’ because of the antiCovid protocols. He is studying International Relations at the ESPM in São Paulo but would like to pursue the acting path. He’s 19, he’s trying things out,” he said.

‘I don’t think he needs to worry about what it’s going to be like. He opens fronts. I just give him tools. He also has a project on Instagram where he does film reviews. It’s very interesting.’ And go away. “

Regarding the new work, Assunção believes that his character, the sorcerer Traian, will be “very isolated” in the second season, which has already premiered on Globoplay. “I think the encounters with other characters are still to come. He leaves many questions unanswered. What is this guy doing there? Why did he come? We see that he poses a certain danger. He’s an animal that lurks.’ , looking for something. But he is very punctual in this second season. Let’s see, what will come next.

In addition to “Desalma”, Assunção is still finishing the recording of the series “Fim” and is already confirmed in the cast of “Olho por eye” by João Emanuel Carneiro, the first telenovela he will make for a streaming service.

“I think that’s fantastic. Today we have open television and streaming. The market is on the move and undergoing major changes. I think there’s an audience for all genres and platforms,” ​​he defended.

“I did ‘Where the Strong Are Born’, a 50episode series. She was super successful, she was incredible. I’ve been on smaller 10episode shows like ‘Where My Heart Is’. It was great too… for streaming. Whether I’m doing it for streaming, for Open TV or for cinema, my delivery is the same. Let’s see what dynamic that is, how the exchange with the public will be … But I have very high expectations positively.”