Ezra Miller now a suspect in the family disappearance case

Ezra Miller now a suspect in the family disappearance case

Ezra Miller is now a suspect in a family disappearance

Ezra Miller is now a suspect in a family disappearance

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Ezra Miller, who played the hero Flash in “Justice League”, began an investigation into the disappearance of a family by the Vermont, USA Attorney’s Office.

The actor is the prime suspect in the disappearance of a 25yearold girl and her three children, ages 5, 4 and 1, who are said to be living with him on his Vermont farm. According to the American magazine Rolling Stone, the state police are conducting investigations and point out that Miller may have concealed the whereabouts of the four.

According to court documents obtained by the publication, officials attempted at least twice over the past weekend to serve a subpoena from prosecutors on the mother, calling for the teens’ removal from both the property and her care.

However, Miller reportedly told officers the family hadn’t lived there in months, which prosecutors said was an attempt to “evade subpoena.”

According to Rolling Stone, while searching for the missing family, police were given access to evidence that led to Miller being charged with breaking and entering and stealing multiple bottles of alcohol from his neighbor’s home in midMay.

According to a police report published online, Vermont state police were alerted to a possible theft on May 1 when residents of Miller’s neighborhood reported that “several bottles of alcohol were removed from the home while the homeowners were not present.” After an investigation that included testimony and analysis of surveillance footage, police found likely grounds to charge the actor. The preliminary hearing was set for September 26.

A local source told the magazine that several police officers were at Ezra Miller’s home for nearly an hour Tuesday night (9/8), two days after he received his subpoena to appear in the Vermont Supreme Court in the theft case.

Rolling Stone noted that the mother posted daily on social media until midJuly, when her account was apparently deleted.

The subpoena for the children’s collection was prompted by a complaint that Miller was housing the mother and her young children in unsafe conditions, with guns, ammunition and drugs strewn about the property. Several sources with knowledge of the situation, including the children’s father, leveled the allegations to Rolling Stone in a report published in June.

The woman reportedly moved into Miller’s farm in midApril after meeting the actor in Hawaii. In June, she came forward following the allegations and said the actor was helping her escape an abusive marriage.

Criminal allegations against Miller, including assaulting women and allegedly kidnapping, emerged in February, escalated between March and April, and multiplied over the following months, culminating in formal theft charges by Vermont police in August.

The actor’s troubles became public after he was accused of attempting to hang a woman in a bar in Iceland in February. He was then arrested in March in Hawaii for causing a riot at another bar, and in April charged with suspected seconddegree assault at a party at a private home, also in Hawaii throwing a chair in one outburst away beat a woman.

He was then the subject of two injunctions. The first was made by the parents of an 18yearold girl from the Standing Rock Indian Reservation in the Dakota region who allege that Miller had been manipulating their daughter since she was 12. At 18, she dropped out of school, ran away from home, and ended up in the actor’s apartment. The young woman wrote on her Instagram that Miller helped her through a difficult time.

The second was made by the parents of a 12yearold in Massachusetts after Miller allegedly got into an aggressive confrontation with her family, displaying a gun and embarrassing the child with hugs and gender comments when she discovered that she defined itself as nonbinary. . .

All of these issues have resulted in the actor’s name sticking in the police news and the situation tends to last a long time, even if he behaves from now on, with the ensuing hearings for his actions.

As a result, Warner Bros. would have already decided to pull Miller from new projects and replace him as the Flash hero. But it faces a dilemma regarding the finished film. The cost of replacing him in the production would just be too high — not only is the actor in almost every scene, but he also has a dual role as the Flash from another universe. It would also be difficult to put the release on hold after the multimillion dollar expenditures that went into production and the decision to do so with Batgirl. It would do a lot of damage.

The situation drew criticism from filmmaker Kevin Smith, who pointed out during his Hollywood BabbleOn podcast that Warner had decided to cancel Batgirl, a film starring a Latin American actress, but the release of The Flash despite the various accusations against its protagonist.

“I don’t care how bad the ‘Batgirl’ movie is, nobody in this movie is problematic or has anything in real life that needs to be worked around. At ‘The Flash’ we all know there’s a big problem! Flash is reverse flash in real life,” Smith said.

The Flash is scheduled for release on June 23, 2023.