Ezio Greggio in tears: "We were a bunch of semi  criminals"

Ezio Greggio in tears: "We were a bunch of semi criminals"

Ezio Greggio in tears quotWe were a bunch of semi

Funny but true: Ezio Greggio will be broadcast on Rai 2. Yes, because he was a guest Alessandro Cattelan Cattelan is on the show Tonight. And the historical presenter of Striscia la Notia told herself without filters, with an open heart, rattling off the memories of a life between entertainment, joy, work and pain.

The first part of the interview specifically told the relationship to Gianfranco D’Angelo, the comedian who died years ago, was one of Ezio Greggio’s best friends. A relationship that the conductor of Striscia also recounts in his book no. 1, in which he traces the best moments of his career.

In memory of D’Angelo, Ezio Greggio cleaned tears. “We always have Gianfranco here, we were a couple of semi-criminals and we combined all sorts – he admits -. The 90’s were awesome, the climate was calmer and funnier. Today, however, time does not help,” said Ezio Greggio.

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Then of course Enzo Iacchetti who was always at his side, a character that you can never forget when it comes to Greggio. “Enzino inspires me a lot, we have a special relationship and during the episodes we talk a lot about our private lives between shoots and shoots. When the films are finished, we laugh a little about what we have seen and a little about the things we have just told each other,” explained Greggio Cattelan, with nice words to Iacchetti.

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