1674353614 Ezio Greggio and Romina Pierdomenico against the haters Envy is

Ezio Greggio and Romina Pierdomenico against the haters: “Envy is an ugly beast, go to the shit*king”

The couple, returning from an interview with weekly Gente, have taken to social media to respond to those who have criticized their age difference. The attitude of the conductor is harsh: “Unfortunately, the mothers of idiots are always pregnant”. Romina Pierdomenico: “You are all professors of life. How sad.”

Ezio Greggio and Romina Pierdomenico against the haters Envy is

Ezio Greggio and his better half Romina Pierdomenico they want to shout their love to the whole world. Nothing matters age difference (Romina has just turned 30, while the conductor is 69): They love each other and the haters fully respond to the allegations. Ezio and Romina therefore face an avalanche of criticism on social media following the couple’s interview with Gente. But they fear nothing and nobody.

Ezio Greggio has been targeted for his affair with Romina

Under the post of the magazine that dedicated the cover of the latest issue to them, several users have expressed negative judgments about the couple. On the other hand, it happens to everyone that they don’t like it. But they don’t stand still and watch, on the contrary. “That’s right, Love knows no age, it’s the wallet that needs changing sometimes,” someone wrote. “Your wallet can be changed, but unfortunately there is no cure for human ignorance. But go ac…” replies Ezio Greggio.

“If you want to get married and have children, you can wait, he can’t. There’s a big age difference and you know it, but it’s better to ignore it, you know how it’s going to end anyway,” notes another. “But sorry, in your profile you write ‘mom for life’, but Why are you talking about other people’s children instead of your children? And then you have a profile with le failed model photoeven half naked. Ugly Beast Envy. Say hello to your boys, I hope the father is better than the mother, “replies the conductor between the comments.

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At a certain point Romina herself intervenes and writes: “The man with a bad soul always feeds on his own nature! You are all professors of life. What bitterness.” Finally, Greggio has to apologize for losing his patience, but in short, enough is enough.

Friends of Gente thank you for this beautiful cover and service. Sorry for the answers I give on fake, envious, tdc and c. Unfortunately, mothers of idiots are always pregnant and I see that some people will soon have brothers and sisters!

The love of Ezio Greggio and Romina Pierdomenico

At the weekly newspaper, the couple reiterated that their love is stronger than any prejudice. “We are proof that love knows no age“, explain it. “A lot of people think that age gap like that (thirty-nine years ed) is a stretch, but this thing makes me smile. I want to say to some people that love has no age when there is harmony, and when Ezio and I look at each other’s faces, we hit it off right away,” added Radio 105 radio host Romina, who has almost missed in the past Italy would have won.