Extreme inflation    mother of two doesn’t know what to do next

Extreme inflation mother of two doesn’t know what to do next

A mother of two has to spend 300 euros more per month than in the previous year. Price increases drive them to despair.

Inflation hit the population hard. Even middle class people had to pay almost every penny twice for a long time to be able to live – like Magdalena Wabnig (name changed by editors). The mother of two is desperate and doesn’t know what else to do.

Vanilla yogurt instead of dessert

Just a year ago, the life of Mrs. Wabnig was different. Repeatedly she brought home her children, 11 and 13, her favorite dessert. But the price increases, which have skyrocketed due to the war in Ukraine, among other things, are particularly hard on the family.

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“Now it’s just enough for a cheap packet of vanilla yogurt,” Wabnig told profil magazine. Within a year, the woman’s life would have been turned upside down. She now has to spend up to €300 more, with a further €200 just for groceries.

Despite a monthly net income of €2,300 in salary, alimony and increased family allowance, Wabnig has been hit hard by the current situation. Wabnig spends a quarter of that money on therapy costs for his children. The eldest son suffers from ADHD, the youngest struggles with severe spelling deficiencies.

The family can no longer save anything every month. The mother told the “profil” that she was now thinking about taking her children to therapy or tutoring less often. This would save some costs, such as fuel.

While Wabnig now spends another 30 euros a month on refueling, she sincerely hopes that there are no more additional costs when driving. A 14-year-old family car repair would be a disaster: “Then I would have to draw on my savings, which I just don’t have.”

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