Extra virgin olive oil, the best awarded in the new Lodo Guide

Extra virgin olive oil, the best awarded in the new Lodo Guide

Extra virgin olive oil, king of the Mediterranean diet, remains a great Italian excellence: we are the second largest producer in the world after Spain, but more than quantity, our country continues to be distinguished by quality. This is confirmed by one of the historical international guides on extra virgin olive oil, the Lodo Guide, due to be published in January with its 2023 edition: a volume that will lead to the discovery of oils and who produces them, of great impact also from a visual point of view Perspective with the images by photographer Oliviero Toscani that tell the story of this year’s “Faces of Oil”.

guide numbers

The new edition evaluated 626 extra virgin olive oils from around the world – including Japan, Chile, Argentina and nearby Spain and Greece – and as usual rewarded the best. A total of seventeen awards, from the one dedicated to the best company of the year for product quality and innovation, to the best organic oil, passing through «Blend» and many other categories.

The scoring method

The prizes are awarded by a jury made up of 32 professional tasters who make a sensory, olfactory and gustatory evaluation of the oil. These are then accompanied by the judgment of the two founders of Lodo Guide – Manuela Ersilia Vigo and Vincenzo Federico Petisi – who also analyze the variety (or varieties) that reflect the characteristics and typicality of a territory and who, in expressing their own judgment consider the ability of companies to protect the cultural identity of the place where they operate and to combine ethics and innovation. To see the award winners, read on

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