Expower couple Anna Clara Maia reveals reality manipulation quotbiasedquot With

Expower couple Anna Clara Maia reveals reality manipulation: "biased" With you!

Anna Clara Maia uncovers backstage manipulation and rulebreaking; Looks

The expower couple Anna Clara Maia put the pingo on is this Monday (4) participating in Aline Galvão’s Mini Cast Podcast. According to the influencer, reality is heavily manipulated by production, especially in the tests, which she believes are easy to buy.

Very sincerely, the brunette said that the producers do not allow the restricted to express opinions or challenge the rules of dynamics. Additionally, challenges can be bypassed at any time, making one contestant less likely to win than another.

“The power couple is extremely biased, in all aspects all evidence can be circumvented [participante] To the others. They are not tests that take place at the same time and are observed by everyone. Simple, there’s evidence that there’s a bucket here, the person spitting in the bucket here. If production wants to put my bucket in that damn house over there or near me. These are things that can be cheated, that are cheated…” she peeled.

She also said she even questioned the producers multiple times, but was scolded for not keeping her mouth shut: “I’ve said that a lot, I’ve had a lot of calls. The evidence is extremely questionable. They said, ‘You can’t question that'”.

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The winning couple of Power Couple Brasil in 2022 can go home with the lowest prize in the history of the show.

crowd favorites, Brenda passion and Matheus Sampaio The realities are unlikely to lose the Season 6 title winner, but they are likely to leave with the negative record for lowest prize money.

It’s just that the amount that winners pocket isn’t fixed, but depends on the dynamics within the program. And the couple’s current balance is BRL261,000, more than BRL40,000 less than Tati Minerato and Marcelo Galatico received in the third season and thus occupies the current negative record.