Experts conclude poisoning of Pablo Neruda Brazil

Experts conclude poisoning of Pablo Neruda (Brazil)

International experts have determined that the Chilean poet Pablo Neruda died 50 years ago from poisoning and scheduled the publication of a report this Wednesday (02/15) stating that the bacterium found in the remains of the writer “in his body”. “Time of Death”, which took place 12 days after the 1973 military coup, his family told the EFE news agency.

This revelation is the latest twist in one of the major debates in Chile after the coup. The longheld official position is that Neruda died of complications from prostate cancer, but the author’s former driver, Manuel Araya, argued for decades that he was poisoned.

“Now we know that ‘Clostridium botulinum’ shouldn’t have been on Neruda’s bones. What does that mean? That Neruda was murdered, there was an intervention by state agents in 1973,” said Rodolfo Reyes, nephew of the 1971 Nobel Prize winner in Literature.

The bacterium responsible for botulism was found in a tooth belonging to Neruda in 2017 by another panel of experts, who dismissed the dictatorship’s version and dismissed that the cause of death was advanced prostate cancer, which had afflicted him since 1969.

“Deadly Bullet Found”

Clostridium botulinum is a bacillus normally found in soil, but experts from McMaster University in Canada and the University of Copenhagen in Denmark concluded in a report that the microorganism “did not enter Neruda’s corpse from inside or around his coffin.” , but in it was his body before he died.

It remains to be seen how and by whom the botulinum toxin was introduced into the author’s body. “Neruda’s fatal bullet was found, he had it in his body.

Much of Neruda’s family supports the version put forward by Manuel Araya, his former driver, who claims the poet was poisoned by an injection in the abdomen by a secret regime agent posing as a doctor at the Santa María Clinic in Santiago been.

“Neruda was not seriously ill”

“Neruda wasn’t seriously ill, he just had cancer. He walked with difficulties, he was in pain, but he wasn’t going to die,” said Elizabeth Flores, the family’s lawyer, who is appearing as a plaintiff in the case initiated in 2011 along with the Communist Party, told EFE, to which Neruda belonged.

For his part, Reyes recalled that the writer, whose remains were exhumed in 2013 in his garden on Isla Negra, on the central coast of Chile, had planned to travel to Mexico a few days before his death at the age of 69, and that would be in exile he became the “great adversary” of General Augusto Pinochet.

The conclusions of this new report were supposed to be known on February 3, but the hearing was canceled twice first because of technical shortcomings and then because of alleged disagreements between the experts and postponed until this Wednesday.

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US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin said the Chinese balloon, which had been flying over US territory for days, was “successfully” shot down. He was shot down by two fighter jets over water off the South Carolina coast. The US claims to be a spy device. Beijing denies this, saying it is a civilian balloon used for research purposes, primarily meteorological. (02/04)

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Ballon exacerbates tensions between the US and China

The US has decided to cancel US Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s trip to China while the Joe Biden administration investigates a response to a suspected Chinese balloon flying over Montana. The decision came despite China’s claims that it was a meteorological research balloon that had been blown off course by the wind. The US suspects that it is a spy vehicle. (02/03)

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