1657011971 Experts already warn quotstrong thunderstormsquot

Experts already warn "strong thunderstorms"

The storm in Austria continues on Tuesday – severe thunderstorms are again expected in large parts of the country.

During the course of Tuesday, the front of the lower “Vally” with the core in northern Norway will move from north to south across the Alps. As a result, noticeably cooler air of marine origin flows with the northwesterly stream that settles in. On Thursday, the frontal system of a small depression moving from Iceland to the Baltic Sea will reach the country and the weather will become unstable again.

Of Tuesday starts mostly wet, in Carinthia, East Tyrol and in Lungau dry in sections. In the morning the sun leaves Vorarlberg towards the Innviertel, in the afternoon the rain also decreases a little on the eastern plains. In the Mühlviertel and Waldviertel, as well as in the whole mountain region, there will be more rain showers, especially in the south, there will also be heavy thunderstorms. With a moderate wind, from the east also fast to strong from the west to the northwest, the maximum values ​​are between 21 and 27 degrees.

At the Wednesday the weather calms down a bit again, in much of the country a friendly mixture of sun and clouds appears. From the Waldviertel to the Vienna Woods there will be some showers, thunder and lightning are also possible and at night it will also be increasingly thunderous in the south. In much of the country, however, the day ends on a friendly note. The wind blows strongly in the east, in places in the southern valleys of Tauern there is a slight foehn from the northwest. With 23 to 29 degrees it is pleasantly hot in the summer.

thunderstorms and showers

Of Thursday starts from the Carnic Alps south of Styria with rain and thunderstorms in some places, the sun comes out during the day. Clouds predominate on the northern side of the Alps and after an almost dry start there will be more rain in the second half of the day. It remains mostly dry in the eastern plains and in the far west. To the east, strong winds blow to the northwest and it cools down again, the maximum values ​​are between 19 and 26 degrees.

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At the Friday from the North Tyrolean Limestone Alps to northern Upper Styria, dense clouds with some rain showers are possible, individual rains are also possible in the eastern plains and hills. Overall, however, the weather is calming down, with the sun often shining, especially in the west and south. In the east, the wind will continue to blow strong in the northwest, south of the Tauern it will be föhn. Depending on the sun, temperatures reach 20 to 27 degrees.

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