EXCLUSIVE New Yorks Department of Health tells New Yorkers it

EXCLUSIVE: New York’s Department of Health tells New Yorkers it would be a ‘good idea’ to mask up on Labor Day – as new Covid variants drive infection rates higher

New Yorkers are being told to think about masking up this Labor Day weekend amid concerns about rising Covid cases and a new variant.

A spokesperson for the city’s health department told that precautions such as wearing coverings in crowded indoor spaces could be a “good idea.”

Earlier this week, the city’s health commissioner, Dr. Ashwin Vasan that measures against Covid are becoming “increasingly important”.

“Staying up to date with Covid vaccines, along with other proven prevention tools – like masking, testing and staying home when sick – continues to be our best defense against Covid and other respiratory viruses,” he said.

Data suggests that New York City, like other major cities such as Los Angeles, is seeing an increase in positive cases. The number of hospitalizations is also increasing – although it is from a record low and is still below the level even in March 2023. The city is also not returning face masks but is reminding residents of its current guidelines.

No major cities have reinstated mask requirements, although some hospitals – such as several in upstate New York – and colleges – such as Rutgers University in neighboring New Jersey – have reinstated restrictions.

A spokesperson for the city’s health department told that wearing the coverings in crowded places like train stations could be a “good idea” (stock image)

Asked whether everyone should wear a face mask this weekend, a spokesperson for the city’s health department told : “If cases increase, precautions such as face masks may be a good idea.”

The city’s health department’s advice, published online, reads: “To reduce the risk of contracting Covid, consider continuing to wear a mask in crowded indoor public spaces, such as on public transport, at large events and when shopping in crowded stores. ”

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