Exclusive Monica Valente from Brazil Lula will win because

Exclusive | Mônica Valente from Brazil: Lula will win because Bolsonaro does a lot of harm to people (+video) Venezuela News Le Verdad de Venezuela

Venezuela News had a say in the final stages of Brazil’s parliamentary elections this Sunday, October 2nd Monica Valente, psychologist, member of the national leadership of the Workers’ Party (PT) and executive secretary of the São Paulo Forum. At the beginning of our exchange, he assured that “there is a big chance that Lula will win in the first round”.

“We know that if we don’t win on October 2nd, we will surely win the second round on October 30th,” he said optimistically. Valente added that all polls give him between 49% and 50% of the total votes, and exactly to win in the first round, 50% of the valid votes plus one are required.

This political leader with many years of experience warns that the current president and candidate for re-election, Jair Bolsonaro, “does a lot of harm to the people” and “represents a very ugly phase in our history: the military dictatorship”.

The foregoing explains the need for a win for Lula, he stressed. “During the pandemic, he has not attended to people’s needs, he has joked about the deceased, he has not bought vaccines, he is a science denier, in addition to his economic project that harms workers,” he listed. And he added that Brazil has one today high unemployment rate and 33 million starving every day.

“There is a plebiscitary climate for all the suffering of the people and the loss of many things that Brazil had gained, including business sectors. In addition to the issue of democracy, Bolsonaro depends on the dictatorship, is sexist, misogynistic, persecutes women and Afro descendants,” he analyzed.

Likewise, Monica Valente He emphasized that “people were sad and hopeless” and that as the PT began to “work on the transition and detail the projects to meet people’s needs,” those moods began to change.

PT strategy

When asked about the strategy of electoral mobilization and vote collection, Mônica Valente spoke three big edges.

The first to be built from early 2021, a participatory government program oriented to the needs of the people and together with social movements.

Second, to design and specify a framework of strategic alliances, broad and democratic, but hegemonized by the government program of the PT. This defines it as “democratic, popular, anti-neoliberal and pro-Latin American and Caribbean regional integration”.

Finally, walk the streets of a vast and diverse Brazil. “To touch people in a very big effort that we have made to involve as many people as possible,” he said.

He added that it was nothing new that these were very polarized elections. They face, he compared, a democratic and popular pole led by Lula and another implementing a culture of hate and political violence.

“We even had people murdered, our militants, the president of our party in the city of Puerto Iguazú. Also, a farm hand defending Lula was murdered by a fellow Bolsonarian.


Valente predicts that if Lula wins, the challenges will be immense and multi-directional. The core, he told us, is “working on the Restoration of humanistic valuesdemocratic and peaceful, which our people naturally have.

“In a democracy, people must have leadership, they must be organized and have the joy of participating and building together. Bolsonaro has done damage,” he said.

And it is that “Bolsonaro has ushered in a period in which 15 to 20 percent are no longer ashamed of spreading retrograde and fascist values”.

“That other challenges are economic in nature: rebuild the country, create jobs, lift people out of hunger and misery, return to meet health and education needs, develop science and technology«. Also, “resume fraternal relations, cooperation and solidarity with our brothers, contributing together to world peace and multilateralism.”

The United States will recognize it

When asked if the Joe Biden administration would recognize adverse results on the right, Valente unhesitatingly replied that it did. “Now they say they will recognize because there are many economic sectors and elites that have emerged from Bolsonaro’s support and have their ties to the business world not only in the United States but also in Europe.”

In the Bolsonaro case, while he is threatening cheating, Valente warns that a win in the first round will make things more complex because “it’s not just about Lula, it’s about a group of candidates”.

But beyond that, there are a variety of sectors, from politics to arts, culture and sport, that have sent letters “professing democracy and the recognition of election results,” making it even more difficult to implement the intentions of the president President seeking re-election.

Valente adds in favor of approval 200 international escorts and almost 400 representatives of the world press.

Mônica Valente concluded by saying that crowds are demonstrating in the streets wanting to “hug and kiss” Lula after a long and painful struggle for his freedom while he was a victim of a law. “Lula is very loved by the people Brazilian because he speaks the language of the people and communicates with the people like no other».