Exclusive: Melhem and Calabresa WhatsApp conversations

Exclusive: Melhem and Calabresa WhatsApp conversations

Marcius Melhem has been charged with sexual assault and harassment since 2020 and is trying to prove the relationship with Dani Calabresa was consensual. In the defense strategy, it uses around 270 messages that were exchanged with the comedian via WhatsApp. This column had access to the investigative papers where the dialogues are located. The conversations show a friendly atmosphere between them and even indicate (indicate) recurring flirtations. In one they talk about kissing at a party. (see fully below and in the video).

At least 27 conversations between the former Globo director and the actress from 2016 to 2019 are part of the investigation. In addition, at least 12 witnesses interviewed by the plainclothes police deny that there was any harassment from Melhem to Calabresa. About ten others say they knew about the harassment but never witnessed it.

The column has been following the case for 15 months and has decided to publish the news after receiving the investigation documents as they are essential to clarify what is happening. The talks reveal Melhem and Calabresa’s relationship ahead of the comedian’s 2020 visit to plainclothes police. Since the beginning of the investigation, however, they have been kept secret from the judiciary.

In his defense, Calabresa says he “pretended not to notice the excesses” and felt “feelings of fear, apprehension and disgust.” She claims she “faked normalcy to preserve her career” and also accuses Melhem of harming her at Globo. In his statements, the actor admits that he “abandoned” Calabresa after his split from Marcelo Adnet in 2017, but denies molesting her or doing anything aggressive or harmful to her. Melhem, who has been single since 2016, also claims that Calabresa has retaliated with positive messages and attitudes — like showing him nudes and often sending him erotic texts. These conversations are included in the documents.

The message exchange that Melhem uses in his defense

Calabresa alleges that since arriving at Globo in 2015, Melhem has “behaved inappropriately and used the informality of the artistic environment to engage in inappropriate behavior with his subordinates,” including “not infrequently excessive touching, bruising, attempted kissing, and indecent comments.” awkward”.

To defend himself against these accusations, he uses conversations from back then to show that he had an intimate relationship with the actress at the time.

The first exchange of messages that the column had access to was on November 27, 2016 at 9:59 p.m. It is used by the director

Calabresa: Thanks for bringing me to work, but you have no idea how happy I am with Zorra. 2 years a very happy job! THANK YOU (emojis with a kiss and hearts).

Melhem: My love. I appreciate the trust. I am very happy about your recommendation. It’s just beginning. let’s go together (little hearts emoji)

file on the phone

In an exchange of messages on June 1, 2017 at 00:00, she writes:

Pepperoni: Thank you so much for remembering my (heart emoji) best invitation

Melhem: I love you without you sending me a nude, check it out! It’s ours! I am eternally grateful that you trust me. And I will make you very happy. Still on the globe. It’s just beginning

Pepperoni: Ahahahahaha, I showed it without you, pedjirrrr!!!! Now I have to send it to Cinti to give him strength. Shit see lol (sad emoji and little heart).

Melhem: Haha wtf! Did it show up and I remember every detail? suffer with Cinti and more dear people (note: they refer to actor Claudio Cinti who was recently fired from Globo)

Pepperoni: I love you Marcius, thank you A THOUSAND TIMES!!!!!! Kiss!!!!!!

Better: (heart and kiss emoji)

Still amid allegations of inappropriate behavior, Calabresa says Melhem “snatched” her phone from her hand during a party at director Maurício Farias’ house on April 17, 2017, when he learned she was naked. The actress says she felt embarrassed when he started looking at the pictures and making “salacious” comments. Two witnesses denied in their testimony that Melhem “snapped” the phone or took it from her hand. They explained that Calabresa showed the photos and showed joy about it.

In his most serious allegation, Calabresa says that on November 4, 2017, at a party with the Zorra team in Rio, Melhem tried to force her into a bathroom with him. And that actors Luis Miranda and George Sauma rushed to protect her. Sauma denied in the statement that this had happened. He also stated that he only found out about the “story of the harassment” from Piauí magazine. Miranda still hasn’t testified. Two people who were at the scene and heard of the report said they saw the scene and all appeared amicable. Peperoni denies.

Melhem defends himself with the following dialogue the day after the party, claiming he and the comedian even shared a consensual kiss.

Melhem: Hey Dani! Do you remember what we said yesterday? Lol this message proves that we exchanged messages the next day (little heart). I loved all the crazy stuff from last night’s party (a dancer emoji and a no for under 18 sign). What you don’t remember, I’ll tell you (wink). Kisses, Marcius (who is not cold at all).

Pepperoni: My god good morning lol (monkey emojis cover their eyes). I don’t remember what we “said” just the 7 GINS I drank? And some kisses (monkey, heart, drops)

Melhem: Haha, good morning. Since I don’t drink, I remember a little more. kisses and a few more things. I loved all the craziness from yesterday. Do you understand why I don’t stay at parties? I get drunk together Send Maira a kiss. Guys, I had a small party/videoke planned at home for next Saturday the 11th. (wink and kiss emoji)

Pepperoni: I’m leaving Zorra (little monkey) ahahah. But I’ll wrap my friend Maira in bubble wrap and send her to your house (wink)”

The two are related to executive Maira Perazzo, a friend of Calabresa’s who also kissed Melhem that night. She left with the actress after the party ended and then returned to São Paulo, where she lives. He returned to Rio the following month and stayed at the actor’s home. In his statement, Perazzo stated that he saw no harassment and that Calabresa said nothing to her that morning. He said the actress “could have blocked[the memories]” because “she only said good things.”

Almost a month later, on December 2nd, Melhem and Calabresa talk about it again:

Pepperoni: Let’s do TEST (party emoji) ahah to see who can kiss Clarinha, hold me on my lap with a mermaid tail and help Magdão give birth ahahah

Better: Just for me #emalgumaincarnationjáfuigalã

Pepperoni: Ahahahah God gave you several gifts (eggplant emojis, a blond and a blue droplet)… sorry the correct emoji was this (microphone) Ahaha

Melhem: HHahhaaha it wasn’t. Take the compliment, hey!

How are the investigations going?

Globo was investigating internally the harassment complaint filed in December 2019 by Dani Calabresa against Marcius Melhem, her boss at the time. The investigation was conducted by the DAA (Department of Artistic Development and Supervision), which found no evidence and closed the case in early 2020.

When Calabresa found out about the decision, she went to the civil police and contacted the broadcaster’s compliance department the department makes sure that internal rules are observed by the employees. After months of hearing proCalabresa and proMelhem witnesses, the sector also dropped the case, this column reported in January this year.

An investigation into sexual harassment and harassment is currently ongoing at Deam (Delegacia Especial de Atendimento à Mulher) in Rio; a civil suit (brought by Melhem against Calabresa for moral and material damages); and another lawsuit by Calabresa against the former director for disclosing messages exchanged between them. The three trials are ongoing in judicial secret and no deadline has been set for their completion.

Around 30 people have been heard by the authorities for both the prosecution and the defense since 2020. In addition to Dani Calabresa, six other women accuse Melhem of sexual harassment and harassment, abusive relationships, abuse of power, inappropriate behavior and disgrace.

At least 12 people have given testimony denying that Melhem was molested towards Calabresa or the other women who have accused him. About ten others say they knew about the harassment but did not see it. All work or have worked for Globo. There are other witnesses on both sides.

The penalty for sexual harassment ranges from one to two years in prison, while the penalty for sexual harassment is one to five years in prison per victim. In the lawsuit against Calabresa, Melhem is seeking R$200,000 in damages for moral damages, defamation and defamation. The lawsuit she is launching against him carries a fine and even imprisonment if Melhem publicly reveals messages exchanged between the two. This precautionary measure, which assures Calabresa that her threatened rights will be protected pending trial, also applies to other women.

Other side

The lawyer wanted by the column, Antônio Carlos de Almeida Castro, representing Calabresa, said he would not comment “because the trial is still under judicial secrecy.” The professional also said he was speaking on behalf of the other accusers, whose defense includes attorneys Beatriz Rizzo and Mayra Cotta.

Oliveira Lima & Dall Acqua Advogados and Técio Lins e Silva, Ilidio Moura & Advogados Associados reported that “Marcius Melhem continues to say that secrecy does not favor him and that everything would be open, clear and transparent for him. Secrecy will be respected”.

In a statement, Globo reported that it does not condone any form of harassment. “Globo has a code of ethics that must be followed by all employees and all areas of the company alike and no form of harassment will be tolerated in any of them. which are carefully investigated using all evidence to which Compliance has access. We cannot detail our investigative processes as they are internal and because we are bound by the same code of confidentiality to all employees as well as investigating do not comment on the findings and take appropriate action”.