EXCLUSIVE: Gusttavo Lima Receives R Million from Sertão de Pernambuco City Hall  JC Online

EXCLUSIVE: Gusttavo Lima Receives R$1 Million from Sertão de Pernambuco City Hall JC Online

Without fanfare, the PTadministered municipality of Serra Talhada, in the Pernambuco hinterland, hired the singer Gustavo Lima for a performance in the city.

The national singer’s show is scheduled for September 7 during the September 2022 celebrations in the community.

The artist will receive R$ 1 million according to Inexigibilidade 009/2022.

Another artist who will sing on September 4th, Wesley Safadaois received “a little less” by the municipality of Serra Talhada.

The fee for the artist Safadão was “only” R$ 700,000 (seven hundred thousand reais).

saw carved administered by the PT with the PT Mayor Maria Conrado.

Less than a month ago, exPresident Lula was in town campaigning with PSB and PT. He introduced ally Danilo Cabral and Senate candidate Teresa Leitão.


The two artists have drawn national controversy in the judiciary and state department over the level of fees with city halls inside.

In June of this year, amid the controversy surrounding the CPI do SertanejoGusttavo Lima had canceled his show at the famous Bahia Court Banana Festival.

The decision to call the artist was made by the mayor of Teolândia, Maria Baitinga de Santana (Progressistas), who claimed to have “a dream to meet the singer”.

The fee paid by Bahia City Hall at the time was R$704,000. But Serra pays more, R$ 1 million.

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Singer’s controversies

Gusttavo Lima is already known for controversies on social networks, previously the singer was involved in one, exposing himself in a live crying and saying that he is not a thief.