EXCLUSIVE Check out the track listing of Ciclone Juliettes debut.webp

EXCLUSIVE: Check out the track listing of “Ciclone”, Juliette’s debut album POPline

As revealed “Fantastic” this Sunday (23), Juliette will release their debut album in less than a month. The copy entitled “Ciclone” is included 10 titles, including the previously released Sai da Frente and Tengo. Only the POPline brings the complete tracklist of the singer’s new project. Cash!

EXCLUSIVE Check out the track listing of Ciclone Juliettes debutJuliette will release her album on August 17th. (Photo: Instagram/@juliette)


Until now, Juliette had already shown that the project has a varied sound, with tracks conveying different “vibes” progressing through lively songs before advancing to more “calminhas”. The “cyclone” has 10 titles. The last of these is still being produced and kept secret.

“What I can say is that it will be a little bit of everything. I really want to show a more diverse musical side“Multiple times, just like me,” he revealed.

On the singer’s first album, the cacti will be able to hear the longawaited partnership Marina Sena. In addition to Minas Gerais, “Ciclone” will have three other contributors: the singer and composer from Maranhão Nairowho worked with anita It is Claudia Leitte; the singer from Pernambuco João Gomes and an artist who is still kept secret Juliette. Check out the full tracklist:

  • Evade
  • I have
  • Almost Not Dating (feat. Marina Senna)
  • hurricane
  • We Two Later (feat. with artist not yet announced)
  • I’m Not One To Talk About Love (feat. João Gomes)
  • Kiss Me (feat. Nairo)
  • No one
  • diamond
  • [Faixa em produção]
  • In March, the singer posted a picture at a studio showing some of the people involved in the production of “Ciclope.” names like larry, Jennie Mosello It is Renan Machadobrother of anitaworked on the project.

    1690180221 671 EXCLUSIVE Check out the track listing of Ciclone Juliettes debutCheck out the full tracklist of “Ciclone” written by Juliette. (Photo: Disclosure)

    After being imprisoned for three months and emerging from prison victorious BBB21Juliette released an EP to introduce herself to the public musically. Now the singer comes out with ‘Ciclone’, the first album of her career to be released on streaming platforms August 17th.