ExBBB suggests Brasilia thugs invade Did you think es

ExBBB suggests Brasília thugs invade : “Did you think? es

Marcos Harter, a participant who was banned from BBB17, took to Instagram to comment on the threepower invasion of Brasília by supporters of former President Jair Bolsonaro (PL). However, the doctor complained about Rede Globo’s treatment of vandals and took the opportunity to propose an attack on the station.

“Globo ser Globo,” Harter published, complaining about the term “terrorist” used by the Marinho brothers’ station. “Suggestion to ‘Terrorists’: Have you considered invading a station?”

Stories by former BBB Marcus Harter criticizes the use of the phrase print2exbbbmarcushartercriticizesuseexpressionterroristbolsonaristasgloboandsuggestsinvasionemissora09012023

Former BBB Marcos Harter took to Instagram to slam Globo’s coverage of the Three Powers Invasion BrasíliaReproduction/Instagram

Stories by former BBB Marcus Harter criticizes the use of the phrase print1exbbbmarcushartercriticizesuseofexpressionterroristbolsonaristasgloboandsuggestsinvasionemissora09012023

Next, the doctor suggested that the vandals attack GloboReproduction/Instagram

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Marcos HarterReproduction/TV Globo


He was expelled from the BBB for attacking Emilly AraújoReproduction/TV Globo

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Marcos Harter is a medical doctor and has a history of controversy Ednilson Aguiar/O Livre

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He has already attempted a political career, without successReproduction/Instagram

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Marcos HarterDisclosure/Recording

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Marcos Harter participated in the reality show “A Fazenda”Disclosure/Recording


Marcos Harter’s attendance at BBB17 was controversial. After an affair with champion Emily, the doctor was expelled for assault. Shortly after the station was shut down, he filed a lawsuit in court.

In doing so, Harter sought compensation for considering his sacking from the reality show unfair. He claimed there was no reason for what happened and that the company took advantage of his visibility before sacking him.

Marcos Harter owes Globo nearly R$1 million after losing an appeal against the broadcaster. The doctor had previously lost in the 2017 lawsuit he filed against the company to discuss his expulsion from Big Brother Brasil, but decided to appeal to challenge the amount being paid to the company would after he lost the case.

The appeal resulted in a loss for the former BBB. Previously, he had to pay BRL 750,000, including 10% legal fees. Now the percentage has risen to 12% and he has to pay out the sum of R$ 918,353.10 in order not to have problems with the judiciary.

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