ExBBB Eliezer Reveals Beard & Hair Implant Surgery Results;  See the before and after!

ExBBB Eliezer Reveals Beard & Hair Implant Surgery Results; See the before and after!

Renewed look! This Tuesday (9), former BBB Eliezer revealed the results of the beard and hair fill he performed last Friday (5). On social media, he showed his followers his unbandaged face and also revealed details about the recovery process. The procedure was performed in Fortaleza with doctor and plastic surgeon Davi Pontes.

The designer revealed he had an old dream of having a hair and beard transplant, as he was bothered by the lack of hair on his face and also the “entries” on his forehead. “Fourth day after the transplant, it’s already healing, my face is already severely deflated and I already feel bearded [risos]’ the former BBB 22 wrote in the post’s caption.

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Four days after the operation, Eliezer also explained more about the recovery process on social media. “Fourth day of the surgery, the transplant, I’m still swollen, especially here on the side. But you can already get an idea of ​​what it will look like. The cones have already started to fall off, the one before that was terrible. The powder is terrible,” he said in the video while showing the results. The brother was satisfied with the before and after: “I am very satisfied with the result, no pain and the scabs are already falling off”. Watch the sequel:

Eliezer shows his face without a bandage after filling his beard and hair pic.twitter.com/PjXtZdMBux

— Media Only (@MidiasSo) August 9, 2022

Upon publication, the influencer was praised by followers and reallife colleagues, former BBBs Viny, Rodrigo Mussi and Linn da Quebrada: “Very good”, “It was very good!” and handsome”. Eli’s affair Viih Tube also commented on the photo with the result of the procedure: “I wanted this healing that you have”.

Screenshot 2022 08 09 202154Comments from former BBBs on Eliezer’s postoperative outcome. (Photo: Playback/Instagram)

Before making the decision to have the filler done, the influencer even took a drug that was supposed to help hair growth, but the technique didn’t produce the desired result. Eli’s hair transplant used the FUE technique and he may have paid between R$7,000 and R$30,000 to have the procedure performed.

Photojet (6)Eliezer before and after a hair and beard transplant. (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram) Follow that Hugo Gloss on Google News and follow our news!