Ex  Pemex boss in court in Mexico can pay  million

Ex Pemex boss in court in Mexico can pay $20 million

That amount would be double what Lozoya is now offering as reparations for the damage, in exchange for having those two criminal cases against him and his family stayed, but most importantly so that he could be released from the northern prison where he was found can be.

The former director of Pemex has since last year agreed to pay more than $10 million, 700,000 that authorities have assessed as compensation for the damage, which equals $7 million, 385,000 in bribes from Brazilian construction company Odebrecht; while the remaining $3 million, $400,000, is for the purchase and sale of a scrap agronitrogen fertilizer plant it acquired for $200 million.

However, López Obrador considered this amount to be insufficient, so this pre-agreement between the Lozoya Austin family and the federal authorities, which provided for payment in installments, was reversed, a similar case to Alonso Ancira, chairman of the board of directors of Altos Hornos de México.

In connection with this, Lozoya’s hearing in the Odebrecht case has been postponed … again, which will now take place in March this year. Since then, the Lozoya defense and the López Obrador government have not been able to reach a new agreement, and the deadline for this will be the 10th of this month.

Otherwise, on that day, after a year, the Attorney General of the Republic (FGR) can orally indict the former director of Pemex for the Odebrecht case, and the trial will begin immediately.