Ex  actress Antonella Marino: «A director told me I was beautiful and buttery.  Then he wanted to lift my skirt»

Ex actress Antonella Marino: «A director told me I was beautiful and buttery. Then he wanted to lift my skirt»

Antonella Marino is an activist, journalist and painter. He left the entertainment world a few years ago after an episode he wanted to narrate. And that happened to her while she was on the set heaven: «Many important directors have certain methods and all of them. Friendly touches and jokes as if it were accepted language. In fact, at the start of an engagement, the only other woman present said to me, “You’re going to meet some weird but nice guys who joke around a lot among co-workers”. I think he wanted to prepare me.” For what exactly? “I do for that in the first break The director put his arm around me and told me I was beautiful and buttery the way he likes it and that he would have sex with me,” he told Repubblica.

The set and the novice actress

Marino remembers who at the time after the “joke” removed: “I said I was engaged, but he replied that he was not jealous. The next day I was wearing a long wool skirt and as soon as she saw me she said “I would lift that skirt for you”. And so until the end of filming. Jokes and explicit sexual innuendos although I showed no sign of condescension. I only felt comfortable talking to other people, it was hell.” At the end she says: “I got in the car and told my friend I didn’t want to do this job anymore. He didn’t know what to tell me, nobody knows. I also wanted to get in touch, but I had just arrived in Rome, I wanted to do this job and maybe it wasn’t the first thing to attract attention. I didn’t know that the whole industry is characterized by such a conflicting atmosphere». The report was only presented yesterday “Behind the Scenes,” which provides a benchmark for the phenomenon of harassment in the entertainment world. The dossier reveals that more than half of show business workers have experienced harassment, discrimination and bullying at work. 67% are women, 48% men. That means 7 out of 10 of the people who are mistreated in the camp are women. The Amleta Association instead collected under the hashtag #Let’s open Bluebeard’s room the reports of harassment by actors, directors and producers. Chiara Claudi, Pamela Villoresi, Fioretta Mari and Roberta Lena, among others, talk about their experiences.

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