Even animals are social here are the most famous ones

Even animals are “social”: here are the most famous ones on Instagram, profiles of real influencers! Velvet animals

If you think that influencers are only men or women, you are sorely mistaken! Here are the most sociable animals, true Instagram stars.

Social media is without a doubt the most trafficked virtual place in the world today. Anyone who doesn’t have a profile or doesn’t visit social media at least once a day can be counted faster than the millions of users registered on the various platforms.

Gabriella, the dog of Francesca Ferragni and her partner (Instagram source @gabriferragni) Velvetpets.it

Over the years, in the world of social media, the term “influencer” has been born, which denotes and defines the characters who, more than others, have a large following, so much so that they become real web celebrities.

On social media, influencers, even animals, are celebrities

The world of social media has changed and continues to change over time, and with it the most popular trends and characters. While famous people were initially followed and viewed as influencers, it is now the case that normal people now also have large followings – proof that, at least on social media, we are (almost) all the same.

Doug the Pug Influencer (Instagram source @itsdougthepug) Velvetpets.it

Over time, trends become established, take hold and then change. Sometimes they disappear, sometimes they change, and others instead fight back over time. Videos and photos that look like this have been circulating on social media for some time The protagonists are our animal friends, and thank you very much, these viral posts have gained notoriety and secured a respectable place in the virtual world.

Pet owners then created a trend that is now part of the norm on various social networks: opening pets dedicated accounts to their special friends. And so more and more profiles are appearing whose protagonists are dogs, cats and other cute animals.

Many people followed the trend celebrities, who have opened their puppies’ Instagram profiles; Let’s think about it Ferragni sisters with their dogs, to the cook Alexander Borghese and her 3 cats Tokyo, Crystal and Savannah.

Who are pet influencers?

THE Pet influencer They are therefore the famous animals on social media who, like a human influencer, have a very high number of followers and for this reason they also manage to secure agreements for sponsorships and more.

MarketWatch states that a pet influencer with 20,000 followers earns an average of 200 euros per post, and the trend is rising. Some of the most influential names on social media include Animals of all kindsas Jiff Pom, The dog touches 10 million followers on Instagram or the Pug dough (among the best paid on the internet).

There is no shortage of cats Nala cat – which was entered into the Guinness Book of Records as the cat with the most followers on Instagram – and the Squirrels like friendly Jill with almost 700,000 followers. Celebrities also include pigs and the inevitable and beloved horses, such as Ted the pony the Shetland Islands, which conquered all.