Evaluna Montaner breaks SILENCE after alleged CRISIS in her marriage

Evaluna Montaner breaks SILENCE after alleged CRISIS in her marriage to Camilo

2022 for Evaluna Montanerit has been a year of joy since he was welcomed in early April indigo. However, not everything seems to be going well in the life of Ricardo Montaner’s daughter, because a few weeks ago there was a rumor that she was going through an affair crisis in his wedding with Kamilo; to deny this evaluation breaks the silence with an Instagram post full of love.

Summarizing the best moments of his 2022, Evaluna Montaner shared the most unforgettable moments of this year and stressed that motherhood was one of the most important things in her life because next to her husband, Kamilo Echeverry, became the little girl’s parents indigo. Since her arrival, the baby has been the focus of the Montaner family.

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A few days ago, a rumor surfaced that Evaluna u Kamilo They went through a supposed crisis in his wedding, of which all has been said, arose from a quarrel due to major organizational problems between the couple at home. However, it was Evaluna herself who breaks the silence and reveals the truth about this crisis.

In his last Instagram post, he shared the best moments of his 2022, clearing up the rumors surrounding this claim crisis in his weddingwhere it says that the birth of indigo was what held it together Evaluna Montaner Y Kamilo. It’s worth mentioning that both artists got married in early 2020 and have been happier than ever ever since.

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It seems that these statements regarding the crisis Marriage, they remain a simple rumor as Evaluna made it clear that there is a bond between her and the “Ropa Cara” interpreter that will be very difficult to break. “I was nominated for the Latin Grammys with the love of my life!” mentioned Evaluna in her publication, later adding: “I was getting crazier for my husband”, so the daughter of Ricardo Montaner breaks the silence the problems in your relationship.

it was like this Evaluna Montaner breaks the silence allegedly crisis in his wedding with Kamilowhere she made it clear that she is more in love with her daughter’s father indigo. The baby is 9 months old and next April will be his first year, a moment that will fill the entire Montaner family with happiness.