Eurovision Mengoni has chosen the song to bring she will

Eurovision: Mengoni has chosen the song to bring, she will be the winner of Sanremo “Due vite”.

Mengoni chooses “Due Vite” for Eurovision: “I want to put myself on this stage”

After the win a Sanremo 2023 Marco Mengoni will represent Italy during theeuro vision.

For the singer it will be the second participation in the song contest, he had already participated exactly ten years ago, in 2013 with the song l’Essentialwith which I finished seventh in the overall standings.

Which song did Mengoni choose for Eurovision?

The singer could have performed any song released from September 1, 2022, so the choice could have been a different track taken from the album matter (earth) published on October 17th.

However, Mengoni has decided to bring the song with which he won Sanremo to Liverpool for the Eurovision Song ContestTwo Lives also issued a statement to the public: “I voted for Two Lives because I want to bring myself to this stageand this song is a reflection that’s really important to me and I like the idea of ​​it reaching so many people, even with a cultural and musical background so different from mine, I can’t wait.

Many, both during the festival and in the many tracks on the radio, will have wondered what is behind the lyrics of “Zwei Leben”, which the singer revealed on Radio DEEJAY: “It is an intimate journey, an invitation for all of us to embrace what life offers us because everything we live must grow and be accepted without hesitation, regret, without ifs and buts”.