European press reports on Shakira and Piqué meeting after controversial song

European press reports on Shakira and Piqué meeting after controversial song

Shakira and Piqué were reunited days after the release of the singer’s song, which highlights the betrayal of the former Barcelona defender.

  • According to the Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia, the meeting happened quickly.
  • Piqué stopped at the artist’s house to pick up the children, where the family lived together.
  • The former player would have dodged questions from the paparazzi around the house.
  • The news portal claims Shakira kept Piqué waiting outside the door for a while and he was tense with questions from the professionals present.

Gerard Piqué was silent and looked at his phone, waiting for the time to pass as quickly as possible to pick up his children and leave the place as soon as possible.”says the article in La Vanguardia.

  • EuropaPress newspaper Chace says Piqué was “visibly nervous” while waiting for his children.
  • He made a few phone calls to avoid questions.

Provocations in music and reaction

On the track ‘BZVP Music Sessions Vol #53’In partnership with DJ Bizarrap, Shakira sings about a relationship breakup with provocative verses such as: “I wish you that you are doing well with my supposed replacement”.

The Colombian singer also uses comparisons to watches and cars to say the person reportedly Piqué made a bad choice. “They traded a Rolex for a Casio” and “They traded a Ferrari for a Twingo”.

Piqué replied to both verses. The Spaniard, who organizes a 7v7 football tournament called Kings League, announced two days after the release of BZVP Music Sessions Vol #53 that Casio will be sponsoring the competition.

Earlier in the week, Piqué doubled the dose of provocation. He came to a Kings League event in a Renault Twingo.

end of relationship

The singer made the announcement of the separation from Shakira in Piqué in early June last year. The couple had been together since 2010. The European press speculated at the time that a betrayal by the former player could have been the reason for the end of the relationship.