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Editorial Media365, published on Sunday, July 31, 2022 at 20:40

England won their first title by dominating Germany in Sunday’s EURO final (2-1, ap).

Looking for their first Euro crowning glory and hosting this 2022 edition, England played the impressive Germans at home at Wembley Stadium and it was the English who lit the first fuse. After a counterattack and from the 3rd minute Kirby centered on the left side at the far post. White was on target but Frohms was there to catch. Germany, who were deprived of their star Popp before kick-off (injured in the warm-up), struggled for their part throughout the first act. In addition, the score remained blank at the end of the first period.

The game went on after the full hour: England, down to eleven after Mead’s injury, opened the scoring with a counterattack.. A brilliant opening from Walsh allowed Toone to lob Frohms beautifully from the right to make it 1-0. Germany would finally wake up and reply ten minutes before the end. Wassmuth was served down the wing and through depth for Magull, who equalized with a left foot to make it 1-1. Then it went into extra time, in which the English took the lead. From a right corner, Bronze successfully parried and Kelly, six yards out, managed to slide the right wave into the back net. 2:1, final score. It’s coming home!