1675484064 Euphoria actress Chloe Cherry has been accused of stealing a

‘Euphoria’ actress Chloe Cherry has been accused of stealing a €25 blouse

Euphoria actress Chloe Cherry has been accused of stealing a

Actress Chloe Cherry (Lancaster, Pennsylvania, 25 years old), known for her role in the HBO MAX series Euphoria, has become the protagonist in recent hours after being accused of theft. It happened in a small shop in his hometown of Lancaster (USA), where he allegedly stole a blouse worth 25 euros. According to the establishment’s complaint, the model and rapper also paid for other items, but not for the blouse.

Complaint documents obtained by local media explain that an employee of the Building Character shopping mall, where the incident took place on December 27, 2022, showed police pictures of the actress entering a dressing room with a blouse and exiting without it. As reported by the American media Page Six, one of the first to publish this news, the police investigated the case for these weeks and finally on January 23 were officially charged. Although, according to several witnesses, she admitted the theft to the police, who went to the store after being alerted by the establishment – and also returned the blouse – her representative now denies this. According to her agent, it was not a matter of theft but rather a mistake with the credit card, so there was no intention on the model’s part to steal the garment: “There was a mix-up because the blouse was not correctly charged by my client . There’s no way she’s admitted to taking the blouse, as she hasn’t.”

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In addition to denying the facts, Cherry’s rep has accused the Lancaster store of taking advantage of its customer’s fame: “This story seems to revolve around an establishment acting on behalf of a celebrity more than anything else.” In video provided by the location, staff can be seen entering the same dressing room the actress left minutes earlier to check if the blouse was there. The process of reporting petty theft began as a result of the non-existence. According to the complaint, Cherry is due to appear for a preliminary hearing on March 1.

In just a few years, she’s gone from being an unknown to almost everyone to a fashion industry darling thanks to her appearance in Euphoria. It will soon make the leap to the cinema. “She was a normal person. Suddenly I woke up after Euphoria was broadcast. It’s like I’m in another dimension,” he said in an interview with Allure last July, alluding to his sudden fame.

If the robbery she initially confessed to is finally confirmed, Cherry will join the long list of celebrities who have been denounced for this reason. One of the most notorious was Lindsay Lohan, who was charged in 2011 with stealing a $2,500 necklace from a California jewelry store. The actress was sentenced to four months in prison (although she did not go to prison). But the most high-profile robbery of the century by a celebrity was that of actress Winona Ryder in 2001. The interpreter was arrested in Beverly Hills for stealing $4,700 worth of clothing, hair accessories and other items. The actress assured that it was a mistake and that she was under the influence of medication at the time. Eventually she was ordered to pay $3,600 to the establishment. The excitement was so great that T-shirts were even made with her face and the slogan “Free Winona” (Free Winona). A piece of clothing she would wear on the cover of a magazine.