Eugenio Derbez recreated a hilarious parody of the Shakira and Bizarrap vs Piqué music video

Eugenio Derbez recreated a hilarious parody of the Shakira and Bizarrap vs Piqué music video

Actor and comedian Eugenio Derbez is one of the most well-known Mexicans in Hollywood as his talent has allowed him to scale internationally and that means every statement he shares is considered by public opinion.

HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA - MARCH 27: Eugenio Derbez at the 94th Annual Academy Awards (Photo by David Livingston/Getty Images)The Mexican has worked on big projects and is one of the most recognized actors in the world. – Photo: Getty Images

Given the boom Shakira’s new musical theme created alongside bizarre rap called Music Session #53, Derbez joined the artists backing the Barranquilla star. So much so that he decided to recreate a parody of the video with his wife, singer Alessandra Rosaldo.

The clip was shared on their social networks and in it you can see the couple pretending to be Shakira and Bizarrap. For her part, Alessandra is the one who sings, wearing a black bra with a plaid shirt to recreate the Barranquillera’s outfit, and Eugenio appears in the background pretending to be the DJ but in reality he is eating a pizza.

In it, the actor’s wife refers to the children, first calling them one name at a time, assuring that although it took her 23 hours to give birth to Aitana, the daughter they have, they all are equal to their father Eugenio Derbez.

“Asilinn, Vadhir, José Eduardo, they all look very similar. I wanted something different, I shot the delivery. 23 hours offer and Aitana is like you, just like you. Your genes have an influence and that’s why they’re all the same as you… Ta mother…” read the lyrics of the couple’s spoof.

It should be noted that the actor had already spoken out in support of the Colombian and the post he wrote with his wife was accompanied by a message that read: “#TodasSomosShakira”.

Recently, the Mexican also posted a photo in his style on Instagram, but the curious thing is that it turned out to be yet another parody of the Colombian hit, apparently dedicated to his former sentimental partner Gerard Piqué and now ex-soccer girlfriend Clara Chia .

The singer premiered her music session with Bizarrap and Clara Chía was the protagonist of Memes.The singer premiered her music session with Bizarrap and Clara Chía was the protagonist of Memes. – Photo: YouTube Bizarrap – Screenshot by Europa press

A photo of bizarre rap was published in the profile of the above-mentioned social network of the film and television actor, and next to it Shakira replaced it with a montage in which her colleague Consuelo Duval appeared, namely in the role of Federica , who played the woman in the well-known TV -Application Familia peluche played.

“Message I received from Federica: Be careful I’ll get a tick bite. If you don’t want the next @bizarrap session to be with me.” Derbez wrote.

Immediately, his followers didn’t hesitate to comment on the post with messages like: “Another season of Teddy Family would heal us and make us feel good after everything we’ve been through over the past few years”; “Imagine Shaki and Fede together, neither of them survive”; “Sure… Ludovico needs a coffee with pique…te, Federica is already counting,” it says on Instagram.

Shakira parodyEugenio Derbez and fellow actor Consuelo Duval joined the trend of Shakira’s new song with this photomontage on their Instagram accounts. – Photo: Instagram: ederbez and consueloduval

However, this was not the only position that the famous Mexican gave in this regard. In the middle of a public square, a Telemundo correspondent managed to strike up a brief conversation with the man and made his point about the anthology performer known.

The first thing the renowned actor said was that he loves the Colombian very much. “We don’t speak to each other every day, but I love her very much and we have a very good relationship,” he added.

In front of the TV cameras, Eugenio gave his opinion on the split between Shakira and former Spanish footballer Gerard Piqué: “It hurt me a lot, so I think it’s worth supporting.” sentenced.

But that wasn’t all, as the man addressed the theme, which resonates about a possible failure of the Barranquillera to “get hurt” and therefore his songs.

“Everyone has their own way of expressing themselves and everyone suffers from their grief differently. So good for her, I support her,” the acclaimed actor concluded.