Eugenio Derbez does not remain silent and answers Emilio Azcarraga

Eugenio Derbez does not remain silent and answers Emilio Azcárraga

A few hours ago, Emilio Azcarragatalked about the guess Veto by Eugenio Derbez of Televisaafter the actor commented that he believed the San Ángel company did it because they gave his opinion on the Mayan train.

Sending messages to Eugenio, Azcárraga revealed that the real reason he wouldn’t be with Televisa anymore is that “you’re angry because you want us to give you our rights from the P.Luche family. Cut him off my guy.”

Regarding this, Eugenio expressed himself on his social networks and replied: “Neta Azcárraga, before you say that I am not banned, you better ask me, caon. You have my number too, why are you answering me publicly? ‘You already exhibited us!!!!’ Why aren’t you a normal manager?

I am one of the characters: Eugenio Derbez answers Azcárraga

Eugenio then continued, “See how Lonje Moco would say: ‘I’m going to tell you the true and horrible story of the interview with Paola Rojas… it was horrible, it was horrible!’ After that interview on March 30th about the Mayan train, they vetoed me at that point!”

The actor mentioned that he invited Televisa to cover the premiere of his new film, but they didn’t want to go: “After March 30, for what reason, two interviews were canceled and there is not a single note on Televisa as to where.” they talk about me or Oscar, or my new movie? Also, for the past two days, I’ve been doing interviews for my new film The Valet, which premieres today on Star+, don’t miss it! And we called all the press, including Televisa, but none of your company’s broadcasts would come.”

And in a total of 9 messages, he kept replying: “Oh, and as for the rights of the Peluche family, tell them not to be like that, ‘get someone to explain that point to you too’. I know it’s going to sound “awful, awful” but I own the characters and the concept, Televisa only owns the name. I’m sorry friend!”.

So he kept saying: “But I have good news for you, my dear Emilio! I just signed a deal with VIX, we already work in the same company and shoot for the same site so turn my guy off! I love you very much, I hope to see you soon and talk to you about how things are!” he concluded.

I am one of the characters: Eugenio Derbez answers Azcárraga