Eugenio Derbez and his absurd and unnecessary provocations with this notoriety

Eugenio Derbez and his absurd and unnecessary provocations with this notoriety

Eugenio Derbez on the red carpet at The Valet.  (Jaime Nogales/Media and Media/Getty Images)

Eugenio Derbez on the red carpet at The Valet. (Jaime Nogales/Media and Media/Getty Images)

Eugenio Derbez is leading a very defined crusade against the government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador. You no longer need to nuance your ideas. The animosity was evident each time the comedian-actor finds it appropriate to show off his sense of humor to annoy anything Morena-related. This trend has already put him in a compromising position: quite a few people follow him just for his opinions and not his work.

The last of his stitches came from the comparison he was making Claudia Scheinbaum from Switzerland with Xochimilco. As the saying goes, Eugenio bounced the ball and decided to take advantage of it to score a couple of goals. In response to the prime minister’s analogy, Derbez compared the ahuehuete of Reforma to Sherwood Forest; to a city park with Disneyland and to Xochimilco with Venice.

With his criticism, which at the end of the day must contain a healthy dose of wit, Derbez becomes another extended arm Chumel Torres, which would have to be a contradiction given the generational gap that separates them. If Eugenio had influenced other comedians at other times, today he is the one who lets himself be guided by the toxic dynamic that abounds in social networks.

His criticism of the Maya train, along with another group of celebrities, highlighted the role Derbez has taken on as a critic of the 4T. In that sense, Derbez and his clique could certainly be questioned because they haven’t scrutinized with such zeal the many previous governments they’ve watched go by, but hey, the point is, they’ve decided to politicize themselves and To be part of any public debate appropriate to them. But there are some details the Oscar winner overlooks.

His recent success in Hollywood has given him a different standing than he’d earned in thirty years as a comedian. While he has fought professionally to break free from the comic book stigma, his political positions only legitimize the prejudices of those who urge not to take anything he says seriously. Now that it’s in the limelight more than ever, it could show that it’s not a “clown” giving its opinion on politics. But even he struggles to agree with his critics and stay in shape Ludovico plush.

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Memes and jokes have greatly confused everyone involved in political life. It’s okay to enjoy them for a while, but if a trifle like Switzerland’s similarity to Xochimilco elicits a surge of reactions, it’s because the priority list is grossly unbalanced. Not all life will be able to criticize through comedy. Their impact, their grace and their usefulness succumb to the surprise they arouse.

If there is one undeniable merit that can be attributed to López Obrador, it is perhaps that, at some level, he has politicized various sectors of society. Today it is very easy and even fun to comment on national political life. They all do it because you don’t have to pay to have an opinion and because it’s easier to ride a momentary wave than make a real reflection.

Derbez and company do not criticize politicians of the past that have an impact on Mexico today, nor do they criticize businessmen who are damaging the country like a train in the Lacandonia jungle. But that’s his way of participating in the public eye. López Obrador’s government opened its eyes and Chumel Torres is its intellectual reference. If we accept these assumptions, we can understand why Derbez reminds us of Ludovico Peluche every time he analyzes Mexican politics.


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