EU, stop the simplified issuance of European visas to Russians.  Moscow: “Brussels decided to shoot itself…

EU, stop the simplified issuance of European visas to Russians. Moscow: “Brussels decided to shoot itself…

The decision was made in Prague to suspend thatEU-Russia agreement from 2007 onwards visa facilitation. This was announced by Josep Borrell, High Representative for Foreign Policy of the European Union, during the press conference held today, August 31, in the Czech capital at the end of the informal meeting of the Foreign Ministers Council.

The Twenty-Seven therefore found a meeting place for the “total suspension of theVisa Facilitation Agreement the European Union with Russia. (The deal) had been partially suspended special groups of people, officials and entrepreneurs, is now completely suspended,” Borrell said. The provision therefore makes the procedure for obtaining a visa for Russian citizens more complicated, expensive and bureaucratic, as well as the extension of his time.

EU foreign ministers have also acknowledged that there is a stockpile problem Tourist visas already issued to Russianswhich are “Millions”, and we need a unique position. “During the long and constructive debate,” Borrell said, “a few concerns arose, not about the flow of new visas but about the stock of millions of existing visas, and there was one common understanding that this also needed to be addressed. This situation also requires a joint approach. That is why we have decided to ask the Commission to deal with this complex situation and to achieve results guidelines“.

It is therefore not a question of a total ban on the issuing of visas, but of one Suspension of Facilities in access to documents for Russian citizens. The council’s decision comes after days of controversy and threats of retaliation from Moscow in the event of a total blockade.

Moscow’s reaction was not long in coming. “With the decision to suspend the agreement simplified release The EU has “decided on visas for Russian citizens shoot yourself in the foot“. That’s what Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister told Ria Novosti Alexander Grushko to explain this choice “It will not remain without consequences”. Russia “can be both symmetrical and capturing asymmetrical in response,” he argued.

The Finnish Foreign Minister Pekka Haavisto instead he spoke of a step “In the right direction”. “This is going in the right direction, but once again we have seen that there has been a lot of talking and talking so far there was little trade‘ Haavisto said. “While Russia invades Ukraine, we welcome and try refugees from Ukraine help Ukraine is by no means the time for this Vacation and luxury tourism (for the Russians)”.