1693582485 Ethiopia and Italy join forces to improve coffee quality

Ethiopia and Italy join forces to improve coffee quality

The agreement stipulated that this objective will be achieved through activities developed at the coffee training center in this capital, the first of its kind on the African continent, organized in collaboration between the Italian Agency for the Development of Cooperation and the Organization of the United Nations Industrial Development was created.

Ethiopia and Italy join forces to improve coffee quality

Also involved are Illycaffè, the first Italian coffee company to receive B Corp certification, the Ernesto Illy Foundation and the Ethiopian Authority.

According to official sources, the center aims to comply with international export standards for quality coffee and promote the training of competent people who will add value to the country in this sector.

The general manager of the local body, Adugna Debela, said that not only is Ethiopia the country of origin of coffee, but the potential for new flavors is unlimited. “This unique taste and the very high quality of our coffee are known all over the world.”

Debela highlighted the commitment and collaboration with Illycaffè to strengthen the African country’s position in the international market.

For her part, the managing director of the Italian company, Cristina Scocchia, recalled that Ethiopian coffee is considered the best Arabica variety in the world and its challenge is to improve the offer and services of the supply chain, in addition to contributing to its development. local economy through public-private partnership with the local authority.

“We want to create synergies to increase the quality and therefore the sustainability of the coffee communities. We will carry out training that will allow small-scale producers to increase their coffee production capacity and therefore their income, and that will allow exporters and baristas to work with an even higher quality product,” he added.