quot es what the Murgia did after she betrayed mequotAndrea

" e’s what the Murgia did after she betrayed me"Andrea spills the beans

Andrea Maestrelli entered the house of Big Brother VIP on tiptoe. The same didn’t happen Nicole Murgiahis ex-girlfriend trying to get her way in a fairly obvious way (and the screams outside tried to alarm the vipponi).

Andrea spills the beans: “The Murgia? don’t trust me Here’s what he did…”

He had only invited Maestrelli Daniele Dal Moro not to trust the Murgia and in the last few hours the footballer has made clarifications regarding their short relationship that lasted about three months (and ended very badly).

According to my Twitter superstars who followed the lives of GF VIPafter discovering the betrayal of MurgiaAndrea caught her exactly the next day at dinner with the other:

He didn’t get it… the day after we broke up, I caught them having dinner together.

Will Alfonso give space to that face-to-face conversation tonight, or will he investigate Clarissa Selassie’s screams (apparently fake from what’s rumored to be) outside the home?

We will see.

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