Eros Ramazzotti kissed her in front of everyone: crazy fans at the concert

Eros Ramazzotti kissed her in front of everyone: crazy fans at the concert

Eros Ramazzotti drove the fans crazy during the concert after kissing them in front of everyone. The spectators exploded with unbridled joy.

The singer succeeded after years of hardship due to the pandemic resume she performances and fans looked forward to seeing him back on stage.

Eros Ramazzotti-unexpected-kiss-altranotiziaEros Ramazzotti – (Source: Google)

Eros Ramazotti is one of the most popular singers and fans follow him every step of the way interest and curiosity. Over the years he has accustomed audiences to seeing him alongside the wonderful Michelle Hünziker and then next to the amazing Marica Pellegrinelli. However, his greatest love remains his children. During his concert inVerona Arena He surprised fans with a very sweet gesture. do you know what he did

Eros Ramazzotti kissed her in front of everyone

Eros Ramazottihas a extraordinary career behind it and has come a long way since its beginnings. Music has always been a part of his life. Despite the great attention paid to the well-known singer’s music, the audience has always observed his as well private life.

He and the Hunziker They had a long and happy marriage from which she was born aurora What time is it 25 years and is in the prime of her life and career. To separation from the showgirl, the singer, he got to know Marika Pellegrinelli, a young student and model who has stolen his heart.

With her, Eros Ramazzotti built a family that gave birth to two children. After 10 years of love is history Above but the two nevertheless remained on good terms, as actually happened Michelle. He’s about to go on a world tour, but first he’s given the fans one gorgeous concert in the arena out Verona where unexpectedly did it kissed before Everyone make them ecstatic. do you know who it is

The gesture that sent the arena spinning

Eros Ramazotti he enchanted with his voice and his songs the Arena of Verona. At the performance of the famous play They are things in lifeWith an unexpected gesture, she left those present speechless.

He was also present at the concert aurora who enjoyed her father’s performance from the edge of the stage. Eros Ramazotti unexpectedly he headed towards him you and it has hugs and kissed above all.

Eros and Aurora Ramazotti-Kiss-Verona-Altranotizia(Source: Instagram)

A gesture that made fans who didn’t hide theirs go into raptures enthusiasm for the wonderful father scene daughter. aurora will do Ramazzotti grandparents and the Hunziker and the family experiences a magical moment. A hug to both of you and good luck for the tour.