Éric Duhaime: the provocateur |  Journal

Éric Duhaime: the provocateur | Journal

Éric Duhaime was never afraid to upset the established order. His career took him from the PQ to the Bloc Québécois, then to the Canadian Alliance, ADQ and radio. The course may seem tortuous, but in every political family it has maintained a consistency: more libertarian proposals, more right-wing economics, and plenty of audacity.

He has always been considered someone who weighs ideas by the dozen. A shower of good ideas, but every now and then one too many that brings the chain of gears to a standstill.

live spirit

He is highly cultured, familiar with local and international politics and extremely intelligent. Very good, he doesn’t miss anything, sees everything that happens and tries to see three moves in advance.

Éric Duhaime is a provocateur, for better or for worse. He likes to arouse the curiosity of others, he loves to initiate a sensitive debate by coming up with a controversial position. He doesn’t dare to ask questions that go beyond the established order. There’s a lot of good in that: Societies really need to turn things around. Quebec, in particular, is based on perceived societal consensus that perpetuates flawed systems.

On the other hand, the conservative leader can exaggerate if he does not discipline himself. To provoke, to provoke, to say the opposite of others in order to attract attention, that can lead to a long radio career. But in politics there is a danger of becoming the morning gnat in the bedroom.

A success

It is necessary to underline the heroic deed of Duhaime. In a very short time, he transformed a party that existed only on paper into a real political force. He has made himself indispensable to the debates where he can directly cross swords with the other leaders. Quebec’s Conservative Party is entering the campaign with a strong base of popular support, well-stocked coffers and motivated militancy. It’s a tour de force.

I, who believe that a conservative party can be useful in Quebec, remain with one fundamental question. Has Éric Duhaime corrupted the real chances of a conservative party by creating a conspiratorial movement instead? It feels like he took full advantage of the pandemic to rally the anti-vaccination, anti-measures, by telling them what they wanted to hear.

Whatever one thinks about tackling the pandemic, it is a risk, almost an aberration, to start a political movement on the basis of a disease that has claimed thousands of lives. Éric Duhaime believes in the vaccine, he understands what a contagious disease is and he doesn’t join the crazy conspiracies around Bill Gates and 5G. But he knows which buttons to press so that the supporters of these theories send their donation.

Anyway he’s ready for this campaign, he carries political issues that all other parties have left out, don’t underestimate him.

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