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Ephemeris of November 3: What Happened on a Day Like Today?

The ephemeris of this November 3rd forms a varied list of births, deaths and other events that took place on a day like today. Also, on this day they celebrate the Day of the Argentine Plastic Artist and World Sandwich Day.

The day also marks the 27th anniversary of the military arsenal explosion in Río Tercero, Córdoba province, which killed 7 and injured more than 300, in what the judiciary said was an attempt to hamper investigations Arms trade to Ecuador and CroatiaCountries that were subject to an international embargo at the time due to the armed conflicts with Peru and Serbia as part of the dissolution of Yugoslavia.

This investigation meant for the former president Carlos Menem 167 days of house arrest in a country house in Don Torcuato owned by his friend Armando Gostanian and a seven-year sentence at first instance, which has been appealed. Menem was acquitted by the statute of limitations in 2013 of lack of conviction in the arms trafficking case and at the time of his death on February 14, 2021, had a court summons scheduled for the February 24 explosion from the armory.

In that case, four soldiers in charge of the army factory in that city were convicted of willful vandalism followed by death: Edberto González de la Vega, Carlos Franke, Jorge Antonio Cornejo Torino and Marcelo Gatto.

From April 12, 2022, by decision of federal judge of Rio Cuarto, the Department of Defense of the Nation were fined $400,000 a day on a day like this in November 1995 for failing to pay compensation to the victims of the explosions at the Río Tercero military factory. The fine equals 400 cases and was set at $1,000 each.

The date also commemorates the founding of the Argentine Football Federation by the Association of Argentina Football Association (AAF) and Argentina Football League (LAF). Its first president was Tiburcio Padilla, representative of the AAF. Since then, it is the organization that oversees the organization of official tournaments, as well as the activities of the selected team and the development of the sport in the country.

The dance of Henri Matisse, artist who died on a day like today The dance of Henri Matisse, artist who died on a day like today