Enrico Papi wife and children in mortal danger the revelation

Enrico Papi, wife and children in mortal danger: the revelation is dramatic Lineadiretta24.it ​​​​​​Lineadiretta24

Enrico PapiThe drama experienced by Enrico Papi – lineadiretta24

Enrico Papi and the very terrible situation that shakes the fans of the most popular TV presenter

Thanks to the popular music program Sarabanda, the face of Henry PapI became known to the Italian public, who have always loved his great professionalism and creativity. One of the claims that influenced television history was his “Mooseca,” which recently became a real musical hit. Unfortunately, despite the great joys experienced from a professional point of view, Enrico Papi had to experience a drama that turned his life and that of his fans upside down.

He is considered one of the historical faces of Italia 1 as he not only hosted Sarabanda but also went on with other successful hosts in some programs like Matricole & Meteore, La pupa e il gecchio and The Wheel of Fortune. As early as 1980, Papi began to make himself known as the creator of some candid camera has been included in the Fantastico Bis program, where it will appear for two issues.

In view of the conducting talent, the man then directs the children’s program La Banda dello Zecchino together with Lisa Russo and Gaia Zoppi. In 2001, however, Carrà directed the backstage of this year’s Sanremo Festival together with Raffaella.

From 2005, the presenter suffered a setback, disappeared from television for a while and caused displeasure among many of his fans. He recently hosted Seriously and the Guess My Age edition, although not everyone knows, but the man had to face a truly horrifying drama that also involved his family.

The drama about Enrico Papi’s family

Enrico Papi and his whole family got involved in a drama a while ago while vacationing in Miami. It was 2017, and the man in Italy was recording episodes of Guess My Age when he had to deal with it hurricane irma, to explain what really happened in an interview with the weekly Gente.

Enrico PapiEnrico Papi Drama like few others – lineadiretta24

When he arrived in Rome, Daddy looked for 3 available seats on the plane to keep his loved ones safe. At first they weren’t supposed to follow him, but things took a turn for the worse. The conductor kept calm and explained that sooner or later he would have to deal with a similar situation, precisely because he has been living in the USA with his family since 2008.

Eventually, he was able to save his loved ones from Hurricane Irma and managed to find a direct flight to Atlanta for his wife and children. After tremendous moments that lasted 50 hours, the family was happily reunited in the capital.

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