Enrica Bonaccorti and the photo with the swollen face what

Enrica Bonaccorti and the photo with the swollen face: what happened

swollen facebright eyes, tousled hair. Enrica Bonaccorti publishes a photo from a hospital bed and worries fans: A few days before his appearance on Afternoon5, the conductor participates in a accident reporting the obvious signs of a fall on his face and a bad fracture of his shoulder.

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Enrica Bonaccorti and the photo with the swollen face after the accident

«Reality manipulated! Nobody hit me…” Bonaccorti plays down, first posting a photo of the bruised face and then one perfectly cleaned up with makeup and wigs arranged for the occasion. “I fell on my face and smashed my shoulder, but we’ll see each other soon in the afternoon5 thanks to Professor Di Giacomo, who operated on me, and Paoletta Carrizo, who did my makeup!”.

The presenter’s post was immediately commented on with great affection by protagonists of the TV world, from Maria Teresa Ruta to Yvonne Sciò and Sandra Milo, who hugged her friend in a virtual hug. Support also from the followers who have wished her a speedy recovery.

It’s not the first time Enrica Bonaccorti has been involved in an accident. In the summer of 2021, the presenter broke her right wrist and returned home from the hospital with her entire arm in plaster. The episode forced her to wear the cast for some time, thankfully the recovery was complete.

Last updated: Sunday 2 October 2022, 11:52 am