Enjoy Travel Group Agency Strengthens Accessible Tourism in Cuba

Enjoy Travel Group Agency Strengthens Accessible Tourism in Cuba


Havana, February 14 (ACN) During a trip organized by the Enjoy Travel Group agency, a group of tourists with disabilities from Spain arrived in this capital for the first time, consolidating the modality of accessible tourism in the country.

Authorities of the island’s Ministry of Tourism (Mintur) stressed the importance of this tourist segment for the nation, as well as the opportunities that Cuba offers to this category of travelers, according to Excelencias magazine published today.

Diego Javier González, President of the Spanish Network for Accessible Tourism, described the pioneering trip that took place this February as an achievement for Cuba.

According to the report, Enjoy Travel Group, the new brand of Mexican operator Enjoy Cuba, is planning to expand other accessible tourism destinations in the Caribbean state in addition to Havana.

Due to the large hotel offer and resources, the Cuban capital and the Varadero Spa were among the first destinations identified by the tour operator as an accessible offer, but others are already on offer, such as Viñales, Las Terrazas, Trinidad and Cienfuegos. he assured Excellencies Silvia Herrero, representative of Enjoy Cuba.

The text refers to the fact that this Mexican operator, in collaboration with the Mintur, has been working for several years to revitalize accessible tourism in Cuba, identifying and generating tourist products for the development of this booming modality.

In December 2021, Enjoy Cuba participated in the celebration of the IV Iberoamerican Summit for Accessible Tourism in Havana, where a declaration was signed promoting a model that creates the conditions for an accessible and inclusive tourism experience for all people. , without difference.