end of the wedding Claudia Abreu and Jose Henrique Fonseca

end of the wedding! Cláudia Abreu and José Henrique Fonseca are no longer together after 25 years

Disclosure, Felipe Panfili

Disclosure, Felipe Panfili

The marriage of Cláudia Abreu and José Henrique Fonseca came to an end after 25 years of unification! According to columnist Ancelmo Gois of the newspaper O Globo, the relationship came to an end, but the excouple maintain a good relationshipto maintain the friendship, in contrast to the recent controversial breakup between Shakira and Gerard Piqué, which has a new chapter every day, including rumors of treason.

Cláudia Abreu and Jose Henrique Fonseca are parents of four children. Also according to information from the columnist of the newspaper O Globo, Cláudia, who attracted public attention for her resemblance to her two daughters José Henrique remains a partner in the production company Zola Films.

According to the breakup notice published by Ancelmo Gois Cláudia Abreu and José Henrique Fonseca have not commented on the possible end of their marriage.

Can Shakira have a new affair after Piqué split?

Involved in a separation plan with rumors of betrayal, Shakira could have a new affair. After 12 years of relationship to pique, the singer was singled out as having an affair with former player Iker Casillas. Spain’s media were then on high alert Iker started following Shakira on social networks and like some of the singer’s posts.

With the repercussions of the rumor, the former player who was Gerard’s teammate in the selection…

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