End of shared accounts A hospital man no longer has

End of shared accounts: A hospital man no longer has access to Netflix

Netflix’s decision to stop sharing passwords for the same account worries a man who has been waiting five months for surgery at Vancouver General Hospital.

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According to information from CTV News, Carlo Sallazzo was using Netflix to while away the time until he could have a double lung transplant. But with new regulations from Netflix requiring devices To with a home Wi-Fi network every 30 days, the man risks losing his access.

“Coming home every 30 days seems reasonable from a Netflix perspective, but there are many situations where it’s being used very poorly,” Sallazzo said.

For a fee of $7.99 per month, users can add additional members outside of their home country. However, the man, who is currently hospitalized, thinks it is nonsense to pay an extra sum in his case. Netflix didn’t respond to CTV News asking about such circumstances.

Carlo Sallazzo will turn to another company for entertainment if Netflix doesn’t change its tune to accommodate him.