Emmanuel Macron in Kyiv: “It’s crazy, this lightness,” teases Jean  François Copé

Emmanuel Macron in Kyiv: “It’s crazy, this lightness,” teases Jean François Copé

The mayor LR of Meaux denounces the head of state’s “avoidance strategy” on RTL.

“It’s madness.” At the invitation of RTL on Thursday, June 16, Jean-François Copé didn’t mince his words. While Emmanuel Macron is currently in Kyiv, Mayor LR of Meaux believes this is to show “incredible lightness”.

“The house is on fire and Emmanuel Macron is looking elsewhere. Imagine him on a train to Ukraine this morning as if he couldn’t wait until next week when the extreme left is still hyper-threatening and has a vocation to destabilize our country… blew the former minister. What is this avoidance strategy? While today his main issue is whether he has a majority to run the country?

While at the end of the general elections the majority was fighting against the nupes for an absolute majority, the President of the Republic spoke last Monday with the President of the Republicans in the Senate, Gérard Larcher. Should we expect a parliamentary agreement between Macronists and LR? “We must not accept individual poaching,” decided Jean-François Copé this morning, turning against the “thesis” that the LR deputies would have to summon the majority. “Certainly not.”

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A “government pact”

So no “compromise”. “The real issue is that if Emmanuel Macron does not have an absolute majority, the question for all of us is whether we are going to envisage an agreement or a government pact,” Jean-François Copé indicates this morning. And this, he continued, “to demand that we can undertake reforms that he does not want to do”.

“I’ve been saying for months that we can’t let Emmanuel Macron govern alone by appointing ministers (…) who don’t embody anything,” argued Jean-François Copé. “The real issue is that we need elected officials to come and bring their experience.” Refuting any possibility of being appointed minister within the government: “I have said clearly that I have no intention at all of national To take responsibility. I come to take part in this debate as Mayor of Meaux and I am deeply concerned by the concerns of the French at a country that is at risk of being badly governed.