Emmanuel Macron defends himself and assures that the climate crisis is “quicker than expected”

Emmanuel Macron defends himself and assures that the climate crisis is “quicker than expected”

He responds to criticism. Emmanuel Macron, in a video Tuesday night, claims the climate and biodiversity crisis has been “quicker than expected” in response to those who questioned his wishes by 31 from climate scientists.

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“There is a part of these wishes where I was misunderstood (…) They wanted me to say that I had never actually read an IPCC report. What did I mean? It was actually even faster than expected, “said the President of the Republic in this sequence broadcast on social networks.

“It’s not a very credible attack,” “we’ve been operating for years,” pleaded the head of state, who nevertheless makes sure “to always hear criticism” and says that we share “the pressure to do more.”

An ecological planning council before the end of January

“Who could have foreseen the wave of inflation that this (the war in Ukraine) would trigger? Or the climate crisis with spectacular effects again in our country this summer? ‘ Emmanuel Macron declared during his televised wishes on December 31, drawing the wrath of pundits, NGOs and the opposition.

Emmanuel Macron seemed “far from history when he told us, for example, that nobody could predict the climate crisis. Scientists have been saying that for decades, IPCC report after IPCC report,” responded EELV national secretary Marine Tondelier.

The head of state also announced on Tuesday that “before the end of January (…) an ecological planning council will be held” to “take stock of what we have to do in the coming years and decades. »