Eminem assigns Pete Davidson during hilarious Forgot About Dre parody

Eminem assigns Pete Davidson during hilarious ‘Forgot About Dre’ parody on SNL: Watch

Eminem is fed up with Pete Davidson’s rap music video parodies.

During the season 47 finale of Saturday Night Live on May 21, Marshall Mathers made another memorable cameo in a musical skit paying tribute to longtime show producer Lorne Michaels. In the timed sketch entitled “Forgot About Lorne,” Davidson raps about Lorne’s accomplishments over the beat of Dr. Dre’s 1999 hit “Forgot About Dre” starring Eminem.

In the setup for the parody, Davidson – who made his final appearance on SNL after eight seasons – is approached on set by host Natasha Lyonne, who tells him Lorne is depressed because he’s always wanted to appear in a music video alongside the 28-year-old Comedian.


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Check out the latest videos, charts and news

“This guy literally did everything for me, so I’m going to repay him by making this rap video exactly how he wrote it,” Davidson tells Lyonne, holding up a crumpled script found in the trash .

The rap-then video starts with Davidson dressed as Michaels surrounded by shelves of gold award statues and moves on to the comic dressed as himself and spits out lyrics about the SNL creator’s influence on the launch of the Careers of comedy greats like John Belushi, Chris Farley, Dan Aykroyd and Will Ferrell.

“So what do you say about a comedy great/ Been does itself for a half century straight,” raps Davidson, mimicking Eminem’s rapid-fire verse on “Forgot About Dre.” “Want to talk about all the crazy people he’s made / Every single decade has ridiculous names.”

Davidson’s flow is interrupted by Eminem himself yelling at the King of Staten Island star from a nearby on-set camera. Obviously upset, the superstar rapper then begins questioning Davidson about why he’s doing another hip-hop video parody.

“It’s another parody, it’s like another homage or something?” Em asks, to which Davidson replies it’s the third. (The SNL star previously starred in parodies of Eminem’s 2002 hit Without Me and his 2000 classic Stan.)

“I would just quit,” Em continues. “Yeah, they all suck… Just please stop it… It’s really bad.” Davidson tries to explain that the parodies are meant to pay tribute to Mathers’ music, but the rapper gets none of it. “Pete, don’t do that again,” Eminem says, pointing his finger at Davidson.

The comedian then looks at a character playing Michaels and yells, “You screwed up!”

Check out the Forgot About Lorne sketch below, and watch the full SNL episode on Hulu here. The streaming service currently offers a 30-day free trial, which you can sign up for here.