Emilio Dantas detonates Regina Duarte and Cassia Kis quotWrong to

Emilio Dantas detonates Regina Duarte and Cássia Kis: "Wrong to call artists" Yahoo Life and Style

Emilio Dantas, from

Emilio Dantas from Vai na Fé, Globo’s new soap opera, detonates Regina Duarte, Cassia Kis and other Bolsonarian actors and actresses: “Wrong to call them artists” (Photo: Globo/João Miguel Júnior)

Emilio Dantaswho returns to TV this Monday (16) in Vai na Fé, Globo’s new 7pm soap opera, criticized names like Regina Duarte, Cassia Kis and more actors and actresses supporting the former president Jair Bolsonaro (PL) and adopt his philosophy, called “Bolsonarismo”. According to the actor, these people cannot be considered artists.

“They can be actors, actresses, presenters, businessmen. In short, they can be divided into sectors. Well, artists? There is no way. It is completely impossible for an artist to agree to anything that comes from this kind of ideology. he explained to Mônica Bergamo’s column in Folha de S. Paulo.

The artist even theorized that support for Bolsonaro would be the result of some kind of internal frustration: “It’s very clear to me that these people have their own problems. [por Bolsonaro] and this vehemence in politics because they are driven by frustrations, by very intimate issues,” Emilio continued.

“In Regina’s case, I think it’s a matter of pride not wanting to admit she was wrong. Her passage through the Culture Secretariat was a defeat in her career. Her point of view is completely wrong and she continues to defend it what is left for Regina to see the reality? Bolsonaro rips someone’s arm off?” he asked.

During the conversation, Emilio admitted that he was not always linked to political issues, but forced himself to pay more attention after Bolsonaro’s election in 2018, particularly due to the behavior of the coronavirus pandemic:

“What the government has done in this pandemic has led me to fight something that I thought was very wrong. I’ve started paying more attention to it. Today I see myself as someone who is completely on the left,” he said. “Bolsonaro’s years [no governo] they were dark. There are no words to explain what happened,” he added.