1664754257 quotEmergency landing at 300 kmh drama on the return flight

"Emergency landing at 300 km/h drama on the return flight to Turkey"

A Turkish plane with 200 passengers on board made an emergency call via Cologne last Wednesday. The reason: systems have gone mad.

Last Wednesday, a Boeing 737 operated by the German-Turkish airline Sun Express made an emergency call after an unsuccessful landing. During the landing approach, the systems in the cockpit suddenly went haywire and the pilot decided to pull the machine up 1200 meters and make a loop. The machine then climbed to 2100 meters and flew under instructions from air traffic control with a sharp right turn towards Cologne.

The pilot managed to land at Cologne/Bonn airport thirty minutes after the emergency call. But the landing was also complicated: the plane landed at an unbelievable speed of around 300 km/h. This is much faster than usual, but according to initial reports no one was hurt.

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