1676410100 Emelec vs Guayaquil City LIVE When and where to watch

Emelec vs. Guayaquil City LIVE: When and where to watch City Cup game?

Emelec vs Guayaquil City LIVE When and where to watch

Watch how to play Emelec vs. Guayaquil City LIVE TODAY for the Pacific Series of the City Cup friendly.

Emelec vs. Guayaquil City LIVE will face off this Tuesday, February 14 at 20:00 (Peruvian and local time) at Christian Benítez Stadium in the City Cup equivalent to the Pacific Series 2023. The meeting will be televised by the Star Plus platform. So that you don’t miss this engagement and today’s games, you can follow the broadcast online on the La República Deportes website.

Emelec vs. Guayaquil City: Match Report

Emelec vs. Guayaquil CityPacific Series City Cup 2023
when do they playTODAY February 14th
What’s the time?8:00 p.m. (Peruvian and Ecuadorian time)
Where?Christian Benitez Stadium

When will Emelec vs. Guayaquil City play?

  • Peru, Ecuador, Colombia: 8:00 p.m
  • Bolivia, Venezuela: 9:00 p.m
  • Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, Chile: 10 p.m

Which channel is broadcasting Emelec vs. Guayaquil City?

Emelec vs. Guayaquil City will be broadcast over the Star Plus signal for the entire South American region.

How to watch Emelec vs. Guayaquil City from Star Plus?

So don’t miss the broadcast Emelec vs. Guayaquil Cityand you can tune into the Star Plus signal, a streaming service that gives you access to the full schedule of sporting events. If you are unable to attend, you will have the opportunity to follow ONLINE coverage of this commitment via La República Deportes.

Emelec vs. Guayaquil City: where do they play?

Emelec vs. Guayaquil City They will face each other at the Christian Benítez Stadium, a sports venue where the citizen team plays as locals for their respective tournaments.