EMA is examining the new Skycovion crown vaccine

EMA is examining the new Skycovion crown vaccine

08/18/2022 20:22 (act 08/19/2022 11:52)

A new corona vaccine is being tested by the EMA.

A new corona vaccine is being tested by the EMA. ©AP Photo/Kirsty Wigglesworth

The South Korean company SK Bioscience has developed a new vaccine against the corona. The EMA is now examining the Skycovion data.

The EU medicines agency EMA has started the testing procedure for a new vaccine against Covid-19. Skycovion was developed by the South Korean company SK Bioscience.

Application for approval for the Skycovion crown vaccine submitted

The EMA announced on Thursday in Amsterdam that an application for approval had been submitted. The company presented data on its effectiveness against the corona virus, as well as on safety and quality.

EMA experts are now examining the data and will decide on a recommendation for conditional market approval. After a positive recommendation from the EMA, the EU Commission has yet to agree – but this is considered a formality.

EMA reviews data on South Korea’s new vaccine

According to the EMA, the vaccine contains tiny particles of the virus’s spike protein. After vaccination, the body must recognize these proteins as foreign bodies and produce antibodies and T cells. In the case of a corona virus infection, the immune system must recognize the spike proteins and fight the virus. It is unclear to what extent this vaccine also protects against the omicron variant of the coronavirus.

Six coronavirus vaccines are currently approved in the EU. Two of these preparations were also adapted to virus variants. However, EMA experts are still verifying the data of these adapted preparations. It is not yet clear when the decision will be made.