Elton John condemns a ministers comments on the issue of

Elton John condemns a minister’s comments on the issue of asylum for persecuted homosexuals

Elton John believes “ignoring the real danger faced by LGBTQ+ communities legitimizes hatred and violence against them.”

In fact, the singer reminded British Home Secretary Suella Braverman that homosexuality is a crime in many countries, including 12 countries where it is punishable by death. This isn’t a scoop, but clearly the information didn’t reach the ears of the ultra-conservative British Home Secretary. Or does she pay little attention to these facts?

In fact, this directly targets the Geneva Refugee Convention, which they say is not “adapted to our modern world” and calls for reform. Beyond the anti-immigration refrain, the former Attorney General for England and Wales attacked both gay refugees and women.

In a subtle distinction, the minister supported her position during a conference organized by the center-right American think tank American Enterprise Institute. “I want to make it clear that in much of the world it is extremely difficult to be gay or a woman. When people are persecuted, it is right that we offer them refuge. But we will not be able to maintain an asylum system if, in fact, the simple fact of being gay or of being a woman and fearing discrimination in the country of origin is enough to enjoy protection,” she explained in This speech was made on September 26th held in Washington.

“By denigrating the real danger faced by LGBTQ+ communities, it risks further legitimizing hatred and violence. “Leaders must extend greater compassion, support and hospitality to those seeking a safer future,” the Rocketman responded in a joint statement signed by the Elton John AIDS Foundation and producer David Furnish, husband of the musician.

Let us also remember that in 66 states, “private and consensual sexual activity between people of the same sex is considered a criminal offense,” according to the organization Human Dignity Trust, which offers its location on a world map.

Shock, anger and a flood of positions against this speech deemed “inhumane”. In addition to Elton John and his foundation and the United Nations, many members of the Labor Party have also publicly spoken out against the words of the woman nicknamed the “Minister of All Excesses”. In fact, this is not the first time that Suella Braverman has adopted a right-wing extremist discourse. In particular, she stated that British culture would “disappear” if immigration was not controlled, echoing the theory of the great replacement.