Elisabetta Gregoraci, who is her 12 years younger (alleged) new love

Elisabetta Gregoraci, who is her 12 years younger (alleged) new love

In the life of Elizabeth Gregoraci, who during this period decided to spend his holidays in Capri with his family, including Flavio Briatore, seems to have found a new person. It would be a boy not entirely unknown in the world of showbiz who arrived for the showgirl after a period of solitude.

Elisabetta Gregoraci, the alleged new love

It had been a long time since Elisabetta Gregoraci’s love life hadn’t landed the center of media attention, despite her travels with Flavio Briatore and little Nathan as a beautiful family; This time, after a long time, the first rumors about an alleged new love of the showgirl have appeared.

It would be a man 12 years younger than her, and not entirely unknown. His name is Giulio Fratini and surely someone will remember him for his old connections. Born in 1992 and a successful young entrepreneur, Fratini lived a love affair with Raffaella Fico and later with Roberta Morise.

The two would have been spotted several times in and inside a room in Forte dei Marmi owned by Flavio Briatore Settings that appear intimate. In fact, according to the DiPiĆ¹ newspaper, Gregoraci would no longer be as free as before, precisely because in her life now there is the pretty Giulio with whom she shares moments that would go beyond a simple friendship.

Elisabetta Gregoraci, with Briatore despite new (alleged) love

Elisabetta Gregoraci’s summer seems to be going well. The hostess of Battiti Live is very busy at work, but she also has time to spend a few moments with family in absolute tranquility.

As with other occasions, like vacationing in Kenya with her ex-husband and little Nathan Falco at Christmas time, Elisabetta Gregoraci prefers to spend her free time with her extended family. In fact, she’s on Capri right now with her son, ex-husband, and Leni Klum, Briatore’s 18-year-old daughter, who had an affair with Heidi Klum.

As always, the showgirl proves to be a beautiful example for all people who have gone through many changes in their lives; despite the love and marriage ended, Elisabetta and Flavio are currently living a relationship of affection and appreciation each other, also and above all for the benefit of little Nathan.

Now, however, in the life of the GF Vip’s former competitor, there would be this new person, Giulio Fratini. The 30-year-old, CEO of the Benvedere Angelico holding company and best known for his love stories, also has a very respectable CV; In fact, in 2020 he was included in the list of Italian talents by Forbes magazine as a young entrepreneur.

There is no clear evidence of his visit to Elisabetta Gregoraci for the time being, but something could really be brewing: After all, it would be the perfect time for the showgirl to start an affair new chapter of his life after all the commitments made in the last period. Although she herself had recently declared that she was single precisely because men are afraid of independent women like her, who knows if the handsome Giulio Fratini could be the right one.